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Is anyone awake? Can you help me with a question about contractions / labour?

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GrubbityWitch Mon 22-Dec-08 04:46:07

Hello - I am 41+3 with dc2 and have been having contractions for a couple of hours - they are painful but not unbearable (though have to walk about / bend double when they start).

I've started timing them; they are between 3 and 5 minutes apart, but they only last about 30 - 40 seconds.

Anyone know when I should be calling a taxi / the hospital? (I was induced last time so really have no idea)

Thank you...

AnguaVonUberwald Mon 22-Dec-08 04:52:43

I was induced too, so can't really help i'm afraid, just didn't want to ignore your post! In fact,I am awake at the moment due to the results of that induct (DS won't go back to sleep)

AnguaVonUberwald Mon 22-Dec-08 04:54:23

N.B. Its probably worth phoning the hospital anyway, they will tell you when you should come in!

Good luck, very exihiting, I hope it all goes really well

GrubbityWitch Mon 22-Dec-08 05:04:26

Thanks for replying! Have just phoned hospital, they were quite strange I thought, anyway told me to take paracetemol and phone back in 1 hour.

So, another hour pootling around on Mumsnet!

Spacey01 Mon 22-Dec-08 05:14:00


I was induced too so will not be of any help but thought I would wish you all the best.

RoseOfTheOrient Mon 22-Dec-08 05:18:49

With my DC2, I woke with contractions at about 5am, walked around doing stuff (making brekkie for DC1 etc., leaning on the kitchen counter when the contractions came) for about 2 hours then went to the clinic by about 8am. DS was born 45 minutes later.
I wouldn't leave it too long if I were you - you will probably be ready to hop in a taxi in about an hour....good luck!

GrubbityWitch Mon 22-Dec-08 05:33:38

Thanks all.

Annoyingly the contractions seem to have calmed down a bit (in terms of painfulness, anyway).

mrspink27 Mon 22-Dec-08 07:22:09

How are you feeling now Grubbity?

GrubbityWitch Mon 22-Dec-08 08:04:34

Still having contractions though a bit less frequently than at 5am - maybe every 8 minutes - so haven't phoned hospital back yet.

DH up now, have had breakfast, and waiting for mum to arrive to look after DD1.

Quite exciting!

feedthegoat Mon 22-Dec-08 08:06:29

Best of luck to you!

AttillaTheSaHanTa Mon 22-Dec-08 08:11:00

Good luck and I hope it all goes well.

mamhaf Mon 22-Dec-08 08:11:42

Hope you don't have to sleep in a stable tonight though.

stillenacht Mon 22-Dec-08 08:12:31

Good luck GrubbityWitch!

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