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CrazyDi Wed 23-Mar-05 16:13:58

I posted recently as i am quite badly anaemic and was worried to if it could affect labour...

Afterthat post, I was admitted to hospital and after tests have found out theres something wrong with my stomach which has caused me to get 'pernicious anaemia' which means b12 jabs for life now!! After my jab last week my mw took some blood and arranged for me to see a consultant to see if my hb level was ok. At my appointment on tuesday the consultant was concerned as after 2 weeks of jabs etc my haemaglobin has risen from 4.7 to 5.0 !!

He is now trying iron which hasn't worked previously and if by next week my hb isnt up i have to go in to hosp. for iv iron. The consultant was a bit vague answering my questions and basically said if my hb isnt up and I bleed heavy during labour then Im in trouble!!

I have bled really heavy with the other 2 kids and needed tranfusions each time, so as you can imagine im terrified now and wondered if anyone knew exactly what will happen in this situation... Is there a chance I can bleed TOO much during labour??

Oh...I am now 38 weeks so times running out!!

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