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Diary of a planned homebirth

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ChocOrange05 Sun 09-Nov-08 10:55:18

While I am waiting for my HB I thought I would write this thread for all those other first timers who are planning HB's. I am a first timer and I have no idea whats going to happen or whether it will result in a successful HB but I thought this could be useful to others in my position...

ChocOrange05 Sun 09-Nov-08 10:58:42

Saturday 8 Nov

As I was 8 days overdue I had a sweep at the hospital, the MW said the cervix was soft but it kept "getting away from her" hmm but thanks to some pelvic tilting from me she managed to get one finger in to sweep the membranes. It didn't hurt but it was uncomfortable and took a little while

During Saturday I had some mucus shows during the day ranging from clear jellylike to tinged with blood. No other signs so went to bed after a great local fireworks display.

Dozymare Sun 09-Nov-08 10:59:12

oh good - I have just posted on our antenatal thread how I want one of you "homebirthers" to effectively "do it live" [GRIN]

ChocOrange05 Sun 09-Nov-08 11:03:06

Sunday 9 November

Woke up at 8.15 - went to the toilet but no more "show" in the night but changed my pad and went back to bed. As soon as I laid down I felt a gush of water come out over which I had no control. The nice new pad and knickers had lasted no more than 3 minutes grin!

I put another pad in and waited for an hour to check it was my waters and for the next hour everytime I stood up a trickle came out.

So I did what every womens main priority is if she thinks she is going to give birth. I had a bath, trimmed down below, washed, dried and straightened my hair and got dressed! smile

ChocOrange05 Sun 09-Nov-08 11:04:38

I have just called the hospital and told them of the updates and the Community MW called me back and said she would finish her rounds, as I don't sound (or feel) advanced and she will be round in an hour or so.

MonkeyMargot Sun 09-Nov-08 11:36:45

3 Cheers for chocO and her live birth thread!

foxytocin Sun 09-Nov-08 11:38:53

good luck! i couldn't post through my home birth!

ChocOrange05 Sun 09-Nov-08 11:42:46

Ah well foxytocin this is the plan while I am in no pain but it may well come to an abrupt end!!! grin

angrypixie Sun 09-Nov-08 11:49:43

Watching with interest - My first home birth ended up in hospital (but still a good experience) my second was born in my bedroom according to plan (other than being 11 lb)

Good luck - thinking of you

ChocOrange05 Sun 09-Nov-08 11:54:20

Getting frequent period type pains at the moment, every 5 or so mins lasting for 10-20 seconds but not sure if they are contractions. If I had to put money on it I would say no as everyone has told me that you "know" when its a contraction.

mamadiva Sun 09-Nov-08 11:58:12

Choco that sounds like contractions, I thought I was constapated blush so you may not always know

This is a fab idea BTW hope you get on well!

angrypixie Sun 09-Nov-08 12:04:16

Sounds like early contractions to me too smile

Yorky Sun 09-Nov-08 12:07:17

Good luck ChocO, the best thing I can say here is that I can't wish you any better than my first time HB.

CharCharGabor Sun 09-Nov-08 12:07:37

Oooooh how exciting grin I agree they sound like early contractions to me. Good luck!

bythepowerofgreyskull Sun 09-Nov-08 12:08:41

oooh good luck.

lauraloola Sun 09-Nov-08 12:09:02

Ooooh, good luck. Defo contractions I think xxx

LackaDAISYcal Sun 09-Nov-08 12:10:26

Good Luck ChocO; You go girl grin

ChocOrange05 Sun 09-Nov-08 12:11:36

Nothing else is happening apart from the period pains but I do feel quite sicky too, although not been sick.

lauraloola Sun 09-Nov-08 12:14:33

Go for a nice long walk. When my waters went that really helped and I had dd the next day.

Make sure you relax as well xxx

bythepowerofgreyskull Sun 09-Nov-08 12:20:16

I agree with LL.. if the weather is fine with you then get wrapped up and go for a wander.
if these period pains are contractions it will help move baby down in your pelvis.

winegums are great for nausea in pregnancy suck slowly for gentle release

JustKeepSwimming Sun 09-Nov-08 12:22:29

Good luck!
I had a great HB with ds1.

If you don't want to go out, try going up and down the stairs?
And get some kind of sugary sweets like juicy fruits (or whatever they call them now! starbursts?) or wine gums.
Or polos are good for nausea.

Good luck and hope you can keep posting for most of it!

ChocOrange05 Sun 09-Nov-08 12:29:25

The CMW has just called and is on her way round - then going to have some lunch and walk to Sainsburys with DH for supplies - wine gums are now added to the list!

bythepowerofgreyskull Sun 09-Nov-08 12:32:20

oooh just read my message... I meant it should slowly release sugar into your system.

the way I have written it sounds a bit rude blush

lauraloola Sun 09-Nov-08 12:32:28

Just think, soon you will be having your first cuddle with your baby smile

LackaDAISYcal Sun 09-Nov-08 12:34:37

Good Luck ChocO; I'll check back in later smile

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