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42 weeks plus - Shazzyd, me too !

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tomps Sun 13-Mar-05 07:14:37

Shazzyd - didn't want to hijack your induction thread, but was amazed to find someone in same-ish boat as me. I'm also hoping for vbac after emergency c-s 3 yrs ago. This time was due 26th feb and have had contractions for a week, which have now completely stopped, despite acupuncture yesterday ! Surprised you're being pushed towards induction, my hospital very anti, so I now have until tues or will be having another c-s I know what you mean about opting for a home birth at this late stage - with every visit to hospital I get more anxious - I've thought too about just opting out of the 'system' but haven't really got the bottle ! Well, just so you know you're not alone, and bloody good luck with everything

Shazzyd Sun 13-Mar-05 14:36:55

Hi Tomps, I was amazed to find someone in exactly the same boat as me aswell. I was due on the 27th, and have been having contractions every night asweell for the past two weeks or so. My hospital tried to push me to have a c-s this past Friday, but I refused, which is why they are trying to push me into induction tomorrow. I don't se why it is necessary the baby ismoving about fine, and I kinow the heartbeat is strong.
Do you want to have a c-s on Tuesday? They can't force youtodo anything, but if your hospital is anything like mine, the pressure is almost unbearable, they make me out to be someone who doesn't care about her unborn child.
Even though I have a long cycle, and have always gone overdue. The way I see it, they are trying to force me to have this child "immature", since he obviously isn't ready to be born yet.
Both my boys were forced out into the world, and both had signs of slight immaturity, one had breathing problems, they were both forced out at 10 to 13 days overdue. What I say is that I won't allow them to force me into making a decision to put my child's health at risk.
There rant over, but it is maddening isn't it?
I really hope you go into labour before Tuesday.
Be brave, according to Pupuce there are women who have babies at 43 weeks pregnant! I think I might be one of them.:0
I have been advised to ask for monitoring, which is whatI am planning on doing, maybe you could ask for the same thing. At least that way you can feel more confident that your baby is ok, and they can see that you are not just being stubborn.
I really hope everything works out well for you, and that your baby arrives well and healthy.
Take care, xxx

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