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One day past due, BP up and trace of protein in urine, what will consultant suggest?

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MimieD Mon 03-Nov-08 15:33:59

Seeing my consultant in two days, midwife believes hospital may want to induce although they won't do full dose as I've had a previous CS (elective because of breech )...
Does anyone have previous experience of sudden onset of pre-eclampsia after due date? Will they do an internal examination first? I mean how much use is an induction is my cervix is still high and hard sad. Baby is only 1/5 engaged as well... At this point I don't really care how this baby comes out as long as it's healthy but am not sure if I agree with induction or go with an elective CS...

MarkStretch Mon 03-Nov-08 15:38:48

This happened to me.

Went in on my due date with dd with high BP and protein and they kept me on an ante-natal ward for 3 days before they said 'ah well, no point keeping her in any longer!' and induced me.

MarkStretch Mon 03-Nov-08 15:40:29

Meant to say- ended up having a section with dd following my induction and have been wondering what they will do if this happens again as currently pg with dc2.

I thought they didn't do inductions if you are having a VBAC?

MimieD Mon 03-Nov-08 15:48:42

Hi MS, No way are they keeping me in without actually doing anything shock! Actually the hospital I go to is renowned for discharging you asap so don't think this will happen anyway... When I see my consultant I will be 40+3 so already past due.

It depends on your hospital if they induce or not. Mine does low dose inductions if you've had a previous CS but one of my friends ended up with an automatic CS because they would not induce at all even though her last CS had been 6 years previous... Have you been invited to attend a VBAC clinic? This was very very helpful as a midwife will discuss all options and hospital policies with you. Mine lasted almost an hour...

MarkStretch Mon 03-Nov-08 16:13:11

No, Not much VBAC support really- my cs was 6 yrs ago too and I've been told if I go overdue this time they will give me another cs as routine which I am desperate to avoid.

My few days in hospital were actually ok as I got to lie about and read a lot! Apart from every time you pee you have to pee in a jug and measure your protein. That can be a real drag.

From my experience what the consultant says is often quite different from the midwife- are you finding this?

My midwife said VBAC, my consultant said elective at 39 weeks, hmmm.

MimieD Mon 03-Nov-08 16:20:46

Hmm, bugger your hospital... Midwifery unit I'm with has been great and in full support of VBAC, just like consultant. BUT because of pre-eclampsia situation now, not sure what best course of action is....

Are they not giving you a choice at all - VBAC or Elective (funny word in this case)? You may not develop any pre-eclampsia this time round (it is more common in first time pregnancies) and go into labour spontaneously. Don't let the consultant talk you into a CS!

MarkStretch Mon 03-Nov-08 17:15:27

I am seeing my consultant in 2 weeks so might have to pin him down on their procedures.

Hope it all goes well for you smile

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