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starshaker Fri 11-Mar-05 05:10:59

ok not the nicest topic i know but im a bit worried. ive had thrush a few times during my pregnancy whenever i get it the doc gives me good old canestan think it clears it up however the bit thats worrying me is that what happens if i go into labour and i have thrush. i really dont want bumps to get it as my mum said my wee sister was bothered with infections for a year and thats what she thinks the reason is. what do u think my chances are if i asked for a cs for this reason (i really dont want 1 but i dont want bumps to get thrush either)

pinkwhistle Fri 11-Mar-05 06:33:23

Hi starshaker

Thrush is very common, I don't think a cs is necessary if that is the only reason.
I found this info on ivillage for you:

Candida, a fungal organism, and the most common cause of vaginitis, is more common in women during pregnancy. It has been found that 20 per cent of healthy, non-pregnant women have vaginal candida, and significantly more would have it during pregnancy. Since not all women show symptoms, many no doubt are carrying candida when they give birth. If the baby picked up oral thrush during his birth, he may easily transmit it to his mother through breastfeeding, especially if her nipples have suffered any trauma.
Breastfeeding need not be interrupted if either mother or baby has been diagnosed with a yeast infection. If the mother has nipple or breast candidiasis, or the baby has oral thrush, it is very important for both mother and baby to be treated at the same time. Treatment with anti-fungal medication needs to continue for one to two weeks once the symptoms have cleared. A mother with a yeast infection can give her baby thrush, if she is not careful about hygiene. Thrush is easily transmitted from one family member to another. If a mother has a vaginal yeast infection and is being treated with anti-fungal medication, it is very important that she washes her hands frequently with hot, soapy water, especially after going to the toilet, after nappy changes, and before breastfeeding or pumping. She needs to be on the lookout for any symptoms of nipple thrush, such as suddenly sore nipples once breastfeeding is well established. Also check the baby's mouth regularly for white plaques that cannot be easily removed. If a mother suspects that she or her baby have developed nipple or oral thrush, it is important that they are seen by their GP so that it can be properly treated.

Try not to worry, if you have properly treated your infection you and bub will be fine! I think it recommends continuing to treat the infection even after symptoms clear up.
And if you or bub do get thrush, help is at hand! HTH.

starshaker Fri 11-Mar-05 10:43:37

yeah it helps a bit thanx very much for taking the time

HappyMumof2 Fri 11-Mar-05 12:50:08

Message withdrawn

starshaker Fri 11-Mar-05 14:37:30

yeah i supose so im prob just being paranoid cos its my first lol. just dont fancy her getting it then me getting it on the nipples sounds very sore. ive been using canisten this week so hopefully its away but i dont know if it is

HappyMumof2 Fri 11-Mar-05 16:20:53

Message withdrawn

sizeofahouse Sat 12-Mar-05 14:47:38

I got thrush in my breasts after CS, they do give you anti-biotics during the section and that knocked out my friendly bacteria, so either way it can be a risk. My ds did get thrush from me because of this, mouth and bum but he was fine, feeding was difficult for awhile just cos it took time to get diagnosed. I think because you are aware of it, you will recognize quickly if bababump gets it and can treat it. Its the quick diagnosis that seems to be the thing. Also diet and hygiene keep your friendly bacteria friendly, you and bump will be fine. Don't worry, I think its worse for you than baba if you get it, nothing much will stop those little ones feeding!

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