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I'm sure this must have been done before...but...Labour, how do I know?

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UmSami Thu 30-Oct-08 00:28:21

OK, I feel exceptionally stupid asking this, especially as this is my second pregnancy...BUT...What the flip does early labour feel like? How do you know?!
I'm currently 40+1, My DS was induced at 40+11, labour started and continued very quickly so I missed the 'early' bits...
This time I've been thinking its about to happen for 4 weeks...obviously it hasn't! Please help before I drive myself to distraction!

Star1ightExpress Thu 30-Oct-08 00:40:44

It feels like BHs but they make you think

'Bit uncomfortable that one, - hang on didn't I have an ouchy one quite recently, I'll time how long til next one - oh 5 mins - I'll see if I have any more and if so, I'll time them again in a couple of hours'!

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Thu 30-Oct-08 00:41:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Star1ightExpress Thu 30-Oct-08 00:43:32

You DO know, but you don't believe it for ages and ages!

LovelyDear Thu 30-Oct-08 00:43:55

i didn't know, the second time. i said to my mum - hang on, i'll get out of the car when this BH passes, and she said - huh? and i laughed and said oh no it's nothing. and then 10 minutes later the same thing happened again, and she said, i really think you should time these.... and she was right. only 20 hours later and dd was born, about a week overdue.

pucca Thu 30-Oct-08 00:45:42

It s one of wierd unexplainable things for me, with my first my waters went first then i got pains, but with my 2nd i had a run up of a week.

I had a show on the Monday, and lost "bits" all week, prob 4 nights of the same week, i was up pacing around, shivering with the pains at 3am!, thinking is this it? it wasn't they wore off i went to bed, i woke up on the Sun morning and within an hour i was getting pretty intense pains, regular and just different to the obvious BHs i had all week. These pains just felt more realistic, by the time i had dropped dd off at my mums and got to the hospital i was 3cm.

I am not sure if my rambling is any help, just thought i would give my experience of it all. grin

UmSami Thu 30-Oct-08 00:48:51

This is how bad it is...I never had BH with ds shock
But apparantly at ds's induction mw thought I was already having contractions before starting...I couldn't feel anything, just a slight ache...
This time I've had so many 'twinges' and aches, and feelings that it's about to start I'm beginning to even question my ability to recognise a BH!
Am really getting annoyed with myself!

pucca Thu 30-Oct-08 00:51:50

You will just know when it is the real thing, imo it feels totally different to BHs or twinges.

Good luck, how exciting <broody> smile

UmSami Thu 30-Oct-08 00:59:05

Thanks all for your experiences...everything helps...
Ok lets humilate me further...
Do contractions start lower down-like period cramps...just above pelvis, and work their way upwards as labour evolve into the vice like squeeze I remember so well!
Or are they all over your abdomen from the start, and just get stronger as time progresses...
With DS had very severe and constant period cramps quite quickly after gel was administered...then crazy contractions covering whole uterus every 30 secs...
Is that what it feels like only slower?

Star1ightExpress Thu 30-Oct-08 01:05:17

UmSami I think you'll find that it is different for everyone and possibly between labours. For me it was all over, until nearly pushing, then was down base of spine!

UmSami Thu 30-Oct-08 01:05:33

Thanks pucca!
Wish i was feeling a bit more excited today...
I am truly evil today, quite claustrophobic...had to cancel hair appt as couldnt handle intrusion into personal space shock very unlike me! Generally grumpy, annoyed by EVERYTHING, and a wee bit panicy (spellings also gone up the wall) hmm DH finds it all hilarious...angry

UmSami Thu 30-Oct-08 01:12:45

Star1ightExpress...I know you're right...just don't want to hear that LOL...would far prefer easy steps 1 - 10, how nice would that be? 1. Twinge in left little toe...10. Gurgling baby!

pucca Thu 30-Oct-08 01:12:49

Erm.... (trying to think back lol) for me it was just really bad period pains, which from the very start i had to sort of stand still and lean on something, i can't remember that clearly tbh, prob a good thing our memories fade a little, i know how frustrating it is though, i was on here all the time infact people were sick of me wink towards the end as i was convinced something was happening all week... of course it was very slowly. grin

UmSami Thu 30-Oct-08 01:16:31

Hehehe Pucca you trying to tell me something? wink
I'm sick of me too! grin

wehaveallbeenthere Thu 30-Oct-08 01:20:49

You might feel contractions, you might not. Your water may break, it might not. You could lose bits of the plug, and you might not (one of mine I remember the whole plug went at birth) so you will just have to trust your instincts.
It isn't your first so you are at least a bit ahead there...knowing what is going to happen. How long ago was the first baby? My last two were very close together so I knew pretty much to get myself to the midwifery.
You'll be fine. Don't get too worked up about it. When it's time you will probably know. If you are running over you tend to "think" you feel it (more wanting than actual). Just time when you have more than one and know that usually (USUALLY) you will drop really low a couple days right before. Everyone that I"ve known has dropped a lot lower right before. Hope that helps.

UmSami Thu 30-Oct-08 01:41:14 hit the nail...had lots of comments about being lower today...but she's done it before and then nothing...
Had nigly period type pains today,
But don't want to get hopes up again...
Really don't want induction!

wehaveallbeenthere Thu 30-Oct-08 01:47:38

Breathe UmSami, you will be fine. Practice your breathing...relax, you will be fine. It probably won't be too long now then. If they have to induce they will but it doesn't sound like it will happen. Someone once said that raspberry tea helps start labour. It made my last one a week early. I drank lots of raspberry tea.

UmSami Thu 30-Oct-08 01:51:09

Am in middle east as DH works here, cant find raspeberry leaf tea...trying cinammon, and will do ginger tomorrow...locals swear by them! We'll see.

wehaveallbeenthere Thu 30-Oct-08 01:59:05

You probably won't need it but yes, give it a go. Remember not to eat anything too heavy as when you finally do go into labour you don't need a lot standing in the way of the baby moving out.
Lots of water...and relax. You better post ASAP when you can. Not too soon but I bet you will be seeing a new family member in the next day or so!

UmSami Thu 30-Oct-08 02:09:34

wehaveallbeenthere...Thanks for that...I really hope you are right!
I'll probably be about til I pop...stops me throwing things at dh...he has some VERY helpful comments hmm

wehaveallbeenthere Thu 30-Oct-08 02:12:06

lol, if you can get some rest remember that from the last one right??? You are going to need your strength and get as much rest as you can now because you won't after.

UmSami Thu 30-Oct-08 02:23:13

V good advice...sleep has gone nuts this week...thanks again...night

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Thu 30-Oct-08 10:17:29

UmSami just thought I'd say I feel your pain! Am now 41+2 and have bene having BH of various intensities and lengths for two weeks now - the last two days alone I've been having them at least every 20mins then every 5 mins for a few hours in the evening which can get a bit painful - on Saturday they were 4 mins apart for 4 hours, starti ot get really painful, I thought it could be it but in my heart of hearts knew it wasn't - went to bed to get some rest just in case and sure enough woke up and it had all stopped!

Now seriously contemplating just not sleeping til I go into labour! I'm personally hoping the addage "you'll know when it starts to happen" because I can't take any more false starts and wishful thinking and hoping!

really good luck - hope it happens for you soon

pucca Thu 30-Oct-08 10:28:55

God i feel awful now, i didn't mean it that way at all, all i meant was i know how frustrating it is at the end, you are very reserved in your frustration compared to what i was. smile and of course it is such a nightmare not knowing when you will go into labour also being so uncomfortable.

UmSami Thu 30-Oct-08 10:29:36

GirlWithTHeMouseyHair I have no right to complain do I? You've been doing this a week longer than me...[bow down shamefully, whilst taking hat off to you!]
I know exactly waht you mean about the i'll stay up til it happens always seems to kick off at night for some reason...I slept at 5.30 am ish and woke up at 8.30 (we're 3 hours ahead here
)...with severe lower abdominal pain and back pain,,,wass in tears (i'm not a whimp normally) and on all 4s trying to relieve pain...but took a couple of paracetamol and all settled so I guess not! sad another false alarm!
Have a jippy tummy though, prob just the insane quantities of pineapple juice i'm consuming...cant find fresh pineapples here at mo so figured what the heck!
Anyhoo, I really hope that things happen for you soon...GOOD LUCK.
Now back to pinching and bouncing! wink

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