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Preparation for Elective Section

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trixibelle Sun 26-Oct-08 21:52:34

Hi, just looking some reassurance and advice. I've been booked in for c-section upon medical advice. Had difficult first birth, baby's heartrate dropped ++ and needed ventouse etc

Do I need anything extra in hospital bag?
Can more than 1 birth partner be present?
Is it best to wax/shave bikini line?
How long afterwards til you can get up?

Sorry so many questions, found I was far less anxious before first labour/delivery.

MrsMattie Sun 26-Oct-08 21:56:31

Hospital bag - trying to think
- abandon disposable / paper knickers and get some enormous granny knickers (soft cotton ones), as anything else will irritate your scar afterwards.

Very doubtful they let more than one partner into the operating theatre - but worth checking out.

They will shave a bit of hair from the top of your bikini line if you don't. I'd only wax if you are absolutely sure you won't get irritated skin.

Most hospitals encourage you to get up the next day and have a little walk, as after all major surgery you are at an increased risk if blood clots. You won't be super mobile, though. You'll need to rest plenty.

Good luck!

Bubble99 Sun 26-Oct-08 21:59:21

Nothing extra in hospital bag.

Not sure about amount of birth partners, depends on the hospital but you can ask.

They'll shave your bikini line if you don't do it.

I was up and about 7 hours afterwards.

I've had all types of birth...

1 spontaneous VD

1 induced VD

1 crash CS

1 elective CS

The last (elective) was by far the best and easiest to recover from.

Bubble99 Sun 26-Oct-08 22:03:17

Oh yes, forgot big cotton knickers for scar.

trixibelle Sun 26-Oct-08 22:08:11

Thanks for replies. Think I'll shave, don't really fancy someone else doing it!

Really reassuring to hear that you were up 7 hours after Bubble99 and that elective was easiest to recover from. I had PPH after last delivery and was bedbound for 8 hours after. Recovery from tear/stitches was awful and I needed further treatment.

Really hoping things go more smoothly this time..

Waswondering Sun 26-Oct-08 22:12:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

browny Sun 26-Oct-08 22:12:33

Hi Trixibelle, I'm making an appointment for my elective c/s this coming Wednesday because my baby is breech. I did have an emergency c/s years ago with my first baby due to pre-eclampsia and recovering from that c/s took me quite a while (I had a general).

Thanks Bubble99 for reminding me that I need big knickers, I can remember sending dh out to buy me some huge ones to go right over the scar.

Trixibelle, when is your c/s? smile.

Moomin Sun 26-Oct-08 22:20:46

For my 1st elec c-s dh shaved me the night before (that was interesting, in the hospital bathroom!) but for the 2nd 3 years ago, they got the clippers to me when I was on the table.

Agree re. massive knickers. I found that a mat pad inside the knickers against the scar was good - felt like extra cushioning.

Stock up on very strong painkillers - they were very stingy in hospital and also very busy so I didn't always get the pain relief on time. Good for during the night - probably not very kosher but I did what I thought would keep me as pain-free as poss.

I took arnica for a few weeks beforehand, to ease bruising, supposedly. Not sure if it worked, but took it anyway.

Take flip flops, not slippers. I had my c-s first thing in the morning and was encouraged to be up for a shower the next morning. Floor in the showers was minging so flip flops were a very good idea. Took dh in with me as I was in a lot of pain and very very tender.

Brought a pillow from home as well to help with all the propping up and balancing baby across me for trying to breastfeed.

fledtoscotland Sun 26-Oct-08 22:22:16

I packed two separate bags - one with essentials (pads, big cheap knickers, pj's, baby's clothes, nappies, toiletries etc) as you will get moved rooms and you dont want stuff to get lost. then keep you main bag in the car for after when you are settled back into bed. the only extra thing i would take would be bottles of water as i was so thirsty after.

re getting up, i had DS2 at 9.40am and was in the shower at 3pm. Still a little shaky walking but ok on my own. Was home the following night.

re shaving/waxing - i didnt do either and wasnt shaved. i suppose it just depends on how hairy you are.

hth and good luck

HeadFairy Sun 26-Oct-08 22:30:11

Agree re the flipflops, but make sure your dh/dp keeps an eye on everything when you go in to theatre. I lost my flipflops in theatre (don't know where they went and after ds was born I didn't care, too happy ).

With my planned cs I was on my feet the next morning (cs was 11am the previous day) and apart from a little stiff (agree with waswondering, it does feel like you've done the tums workout to end all tums workouts!) I felt fine. I didn't even need the painkillers they gave me.

Stock up on lavender oil and tea tree oil. My mw told me to have two baths a day afterwards with a few drops of each and I healed brilliantly.

When getting your big knickers, make sure there's no seam down the front. I had a pair with a big seam down the front and the midwife told me not to wear them as they might irritate the scar.

I didn't need disposeable pants as they put some on me in theatre and then the next day (after they'd been cut off me by the auxillaries shock!) I was very relieved to put my own cotton pants on as the disposeable ones are grim!

trixibelle Sun 26-Oct-08 22:55:15

Thanks everyone, have picked up some more tips and things to add to my shopping list. I'm starting to feel a little more positive about the whole thing..Only three more days to go

joyfuleyes Mon 27-Oct-08 07:36:37

I had my dh & mum in theatre with me for my elective section - we had to ask the anaesthetist but he was fine with it.

I've had two sections the first (emergency) was at 5am & I was up & showering at 11am, the second (elective) was at 9am & I'd had a shower & got dressed by the time I had my first visitors at 2pm. I found recovery easy both times

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