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IM in sussex

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babymt Fri 24-Oct-08 14:55:45

I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed to ask this or not? Can anyone recommend an indepedent midwife in mid sussex please?

I am really struggling with picking and would love to hear some recommendations.

Howdie Sat 01-Nov-08 00:37:21

I would recommend Anja K-Metzner Babymt

She's lovely and very experienced. Not sure if she covers the area you're in but she does cover parts of Sussex.

Good Luck!

babymt Sun 02-Nov-08 09:30:21

Thank you very much. I've been umming and aahing over whether to see her or not but will reconsider on your recomendation thank you very much!

sunriseanja Tue 04-Nov-08 13:42:38

Hi Babymt,

this is funny to find your email here.
Do feel free to give me a ring to discuss your pregnancy and wishes for your midwifery support.
A phone call often already clarifies if we would work well together or not.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sunrise Birthing

Howdie Tue 04-Nov-08 16:28:51

Ooooh hello Anja wave

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