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Post-partum haemorrhage

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FlirtyThirty Wed 22-Oct-08 14:35:47

My mum had a major post-partum haemorrhage when I was born and ended up being given a serious blood transfusion. It was all a bit scary by all accounts.
Does anyone know if these things are hereditory? Am I more at risk? I'm pregnant with my first child and the midwife has noted mum's experience on my file, but I'm wondering if there is any medical reason why I should be more likely to have a similar experience?

I'm not panicking but it does make me a little anxious...

happynappies Wed 22-Oct-08 14:53:51

I don't know the 'medical' answer to your question, but I had a pph myself, and was led to believe that it was possibly because of the ventouse delivery of my dd which was very forceful. My haemorrhage wasn't too serious, but I had to take iron tablets afterwards, and there was a bit of panic at the time while the mw tried to massage my uterus etc to get it to contract. Do you know anything more about your birth? Perhaps there were cirumstances which might have made the haemorrhage more likely? Sorry I can't give a more helpful answer, just wanted to share my experience.

FlirtyThirty Wed 22-Oct-08 15:01:15

Thanks happynappies! My poor mum had a hideously long labour with me and was also given an episiotomy as I was 'in distress' towards the end. As I understand it (from Google!) both could have contributed to the haemorrhage, but there are no actual records and I don't think the information mum was given at the time was as extensive as what we receive today.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

nuclear Wed 22-Oct-08 18:15:57

I had a PPH due to a failed ventouse and then forceps delivery after a long labour and large baby.

I was borderline for a transfusion but did not have one in the end.

I have been told this time round that the reason I had the PPH was due to the type of delivery I had and nothing physical IYSWIM. I am therefore no more likely to suffer from one this time round.

Not sure about it being hereditory though

reikizen Wed 22-Oct-08 18:23:21

there are several reasons for pph.
Tone - that is your uterus, was it a long labour, was syntocinon used?
Thrombin - do you have any blood clotting disorders?
Trauma - that is damage caused by the delivery
Tissue - any products (such as placenta) left behind in the uterus.
Other things can make it more likely, low iron level, closely spaced pregnancies, having lots of pregnancies, previous section etc etc
I suppose you may be genetically predisposed to some of the above but not directly I'm sure.

Minniethemoocher Wed 22-Oct-08 19:12:59

I had a PPH, due to very fast labour and bad third degree tear, no ventouse or forceps, DD just forced her way out. Had to take iron tablets, declined the offer of a blood transfusion.

I put it down to just bad luck.

BTW, my mother had a very long labour with me and no PPH, so I don't think that they are related.

FlirtyThirty Thu 23-Oct-08 09:59:56

Thanks ladies!
As it happened my mum reckons the blood transfusion was the best thing that happened as she was full of energy afterwards!

babymt Fri 24-Oct-08 21:46:55

Now my mum did have a bad pph with my brothers birth and had a blood transfusion. She ended up with a rare tropical skin disease from the transfusion and has suffered for 25 years with big blistered spots all over her whole body

I had a pph last time but probably because of a 3rd degree tear and a ventouse. I was recommended (pushed) to have a transfusion but said as long as I was conscious I wasn't having one after what happened to my mum. My recovery was slow but I'd have been gutted if I'd had a transfusion.

I never checked to see if I pph'd after my cs but will when I find my notes which are buried in a box somewhere.

Anyway no idea if heriditory (sp?). Although I've always wondered if pph is more likely if you are anaemic? My mum, nan and myself all suffered badly with that in pregnancy.

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