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Did anyone have long and medicalised but good first birth and home birth for second, any experiences?

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Gemzooks Tue 21-Oct-08 13:30:23

Had very long, medicalised (36 hours, mobile epi, synotocin) but good (no tears or stitches, up and about straight away) hospital birth in Belgium.

Now contemplating birth of DC2 (due end March in Holland). here there is a homebirth culture (30% at home) and midwives basically try to encourage you to stay at home so long that you end up having it at home. It's hard to get the epidural and they don't seem to have low dose, only the old fashioned type, and you can only get it in office hours (!!!).

Now, am hoping that 2nd labour will be quicker, and am seriously contemplating 'Going Dutch' and having it at home, or in a birth centre where there is no epidural.

Anyone had experience of this? I know homebirths in the UK are more planned; here you can decide in labour at any time where you eventually give birth..

any advice much appreciated!

bobblehat Tue 21-Oct-08 13:41:15

Yep, I did.

With ds 1 i was induced, had epidural, had waters broken, and he ended up being born with ventouse.

Ds 2's labour was so quick I had an unplanned home birth, no pain relief at all, and he was delivered by dh!

Every birth is different. If you fancy a homebirth, then I'd go for it!

tartetatin Thu 23-Oct-08 12:13:00

My first was an induced hospital birth with epidural. After that experience I decided to have number 2 at home. It was as good an experience as any birth possibly can be. There was only gas and air available but that was fine. The midwives were very attentive and just being at home made the whole thing relaxed and stress free. Number 2 should be quicker and even if it does drag on a bit, at home you can snooze in your own bed, relax in your own bath etc etc. If they have 30% homebirths over there, they must be very experienced and geared up for it. If I were you I'd go for it - you can always change your mind at the last minute if you have a panic. Good luck!

BashfulSpookyHappy Fri 24-Oct-08 23:39:57

Yup, me! DD1 was 27 hours from waters breaking/contractions starting to her being born. Not so medicalised; I only had G&A but was constantly monitored, laboured on my back, was threatened with vontuse, had bad tearing etc etc.... all very traumatic and horrible.

In fact it was so traumatic and horrible, especially the post-natal care, that I decided to have DD2 at home. It was an absolute dream birth! Only 6 hours from waters breaking/contractions starting to her being born, and it was so relaxing being at home. I knew the MWs, and instead of an awful hospital room I laboured and gave birth in my lovely warm birth pool in my own living room. DD2 was back to back, but it was still far easier, less stressful and less painful than with DD1.

Go for it!! I can't recommend it enough.

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