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essential oils and other things for labour...

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happynappies Mon 20-Oct-08 14:13:53

Hi - can anyone suggest things that may be helpful in labour. I'm thinking along the lines of specific massage oils, herbal remedies and that kind of thing... I know they're not for everyone, but I had a horrible, long, painful labour with my first, and am determined to pack a hospital bag crammed full with things that might be useful, even if it turns out that I don't use them (you know - if it is over in a flash with a couple of pushes and no pain wink) so any suggestions gratefully received! I'm already hiring a TENS machine which I found helpful last time, taking my birthing ball and yoga mat, and hoping to be able to use the birthing pool for some of the time.

MrsTittleMouse Mon 20-Oct-08 14:26:16

For my first labour I took in Clary Sage (to keep things going) and lavender (to calm me). I didn't use either, and didn't bother packing them second time around. blush

Lotster Mon 20-Oct-08 15:01:07

Hi there, yes yes yes to the pool! It was the most noticable pain reliever to me...

I also went to Neal's Yard and they mixed me a labour oil. Clary Sage, lavender (for same reason's as tittle mouse) and jasmine as a contraction strengthener and pain reliever.

My husband rubbed it on my back during the home-part early labour bit, then I switched to Tens, then water.

I also took Arnica throughout labour to keep the tissues from swelling too much and allow a smoother "exit". Also rescue remedy drops.

Apparently though, you should choose either aromatherapy or homeopathy to use at one time, as they can each other out.

I know Neal's Yard sell Helios homeopathy kits which you can also get online, they have a variety of remedies for labour, varying from things to help failure to proceed, strengthen contractions, panic, pain etc...

All or some of the above must have worked for me as my midwife had no idea I was 10cms and ready to go for ages! I stayed polite and fairly calm, which is not in my nature really. Well the calm, I am polite!

Unfortunately it all went tits up as my LO was back to back and couldn't crown, but that's not say the remedies wouldn't have got me through otherwise.

Good luck!

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