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Problem with dates, should i be worried?

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BabyDubsEverywhere Mon 13-Oct-08 17:32:44

Hi all, Ive got a problem with my dates my dp is seriously stressing about it, he's a worrier bless him. One of our very close friends has just had an overdue still birth sad and its really playing on his mind, (and mine too but trying not to stress.) Scan says I'm due 19th November, our dates make it 29th October. We were trying for this baby, everything was logged in terms of when we tried etc, 1st day of last period, very regular cycle. By their dates I wouldnt have conceived until after my period was due, 2 days after the positive test result in fact. My Midwife says im measuring big for their dates and doesnt seem too confident in them either. Should i be worried? what would the risks be to LO and to me with going so far over.

Sorry thats a bit long, thanks for reading smile

BlueBumedFly Mon 13-Oct-08 19:44:33

One thing for sure is the baby will come when its good and ready. Please do not stress, that is not going to help you or the baby and your partner needs to calm down and know that is worrying is a bad thing for you and the LO. He needs to be calm for you guys.

My dates were wrong, I did feel like yelling at the doctor 'you only have to do it the once you know!!' but I felt he did not need that much information and I knew better than anyone as I was Mum.

Risks off going a long way over are that baby gets bigger. However, that does not mean they are harder to have, it all depends on the shape of their head which you won't know until baby is lying in your arms. A small baby with a square head can be harder than a big baby with an nice oval head! I am sure there is someone far more qualified than me that can outline the risks, but I am sure baby will come when it is ready, early or late.

Who is 'they'? The hospital? Can you get your midwife on your side a bit more? If the baby is measuring big for your dates and you are certain you are right then you need to speak to your midwife again.

Please do not stress too much, take a list of your dates with your period dates written down clearly on a list and approach the midwife again. Good luck! xx

chocbiscuits Fri 17-Oct-08 14:15:54

Very sorry to hear about your friend. Agrgee with Blue best try not to panic. Don't know much about it but my DH was THREE WEEKS LAte in the seventies and very postmature skin but is fine.

curlywurlycremeegg Fri 17-Oct-08 14:26:46

You obviously can't have concieved after having had a positive pregnancy test and I think you should give your midwife a ring and talk it through with her. She will be able to refer you back into see a consultant, however you will need someone who is willing to speak up for you (if you feel anxious about it) as often the obstetric team fell they know the best. Hopefully this will not be the case and the doctor will listen and understand your concerns, explain how you charted everything, your cycle length etc.

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