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Had a sweep - what are the chances it will work?

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Sprogstersmum Thu 09-Oct-08 19:56:47

Had a sweep today and just wondered how successful it's been for others? Did it work? How long till labour started? Am booked in for another sweep next Thurs and then Dr is going to break my waters the following Tues if still no luck - how painful is having your waters broken? (For those wondering why no induction, had c-section last time so can't be induced). Thanks.

maidamess Thu 09-Oct-08 20:03:58

I had a sweep on a Saturday lunchtime. Went to Sainsburys afterwards.It felt weird, like there was no 'plug' holding the baby in!

I woke up the next day as my waters were breaking. I had had ds by 2 that afternoon.

liahgen Thu 09-Oct-08 20:14:50

A sweep is a form of induction, albeit a natural one if you like.

Breaking waters is definately a form of induction. And if you want a vbac then it can bring on ctx quite forcefully. x

In answer to you original question, ususlly works within 24 hrs if it's going to.

When are you due?

lulumama Thu 09-Oct-08 20:16:56

what liaghen said !
best chance of a succesful VBAC is a spontaneous start to labour

you can go to 42 weeks , you know, before you are overdue.. and chances are, you will go into labour

once your waters are broken you are on a countdown to deliver

also, if your baby is in a less than optimum position, the waters being broken is not that helpful

i would leave well alone, ask for expectant management, and look at things again at 42 weeks.

Anglepoise Thu 09-Oct-08 20:40:38

I had a sweep at term+2 which did nothing except make me dilated to 1 cm, but my cervix was very unfavourable at the time. I then had another one at term+9 and my waters broke the following morning (though it still took nearly 48 hours to go into labour) - not sure whether the two were related or whether it was just time!

greenlawn Fri 10-Oct-08 14:44:42

Don't want to frighten you, but mine was too effective. I was already 3 cms when I had it done (at term) - waters broke almost immediately, labour progressed very fast but ended in a crash cs. The only explanation I've been given so far is that some babies don't react well to sweeps/fast labour. Wish I'd left well alone!

NappiesLaGore Fri 10-Oct-08 14:45:21

50:50 ime

Nbg Fri 10-Oct-08 14:48:42

I had a sweep 7 days over with my second baby and I went into labour 4 days later.

With my 3rd, I had the sweep at 8 days over, MW said I wasn't favourable, I had the baby that tea time grin

I think keeping as active as possible afterwards, helps alot

shootfromthehip Fri 10-Oct-08 15:07:57

Had 2 sweeps with DD and no joy. Had one with DS and had him the next day. I concur with 50/50

Lib76 Fri 10-Oct-08 17:50:22

i had sweep term plus 7 and started within 48 hrs

BEAUTlFUL Fri 10-Oct-08 18:05:28

I had FOUR sweeps with DS1, nothing.

Worst feeling in the world, was gripping on to the bed-rail, writhing in pain! Eeek.

Fingers crossed for you! x

MrsMattie Fri 10-Oct-08 18:07:11

Oooh, it's anyone's guess. Two sweeps and 4 doses of prostin didn't do a damn thing to my (rock 'ard!) cervix grin

BuwchBywiog Fri 10-Oct-08 18:08:15

I had two and nothing, induction didn't work for me either though so he was a very stubborn one, really hope it works for you xx

twofalls Fri 10-Oct-08 18:09:14

I think it depends on how ready you already are. I had two sweeps and they didn't do a thing, but then the midwife said she didn't think they would because my cervix didn't feel ready and I wasn't dilated at all. A friend had one and her baby was born 10 hours later. So, I think if you are ready they can give things a helping hand, if not, then probably not very effective.

I also had my waters broken because I was induced. It is just like having a smear test (but one where you then wet yourself grin. They do it with something that looks a bit like a crochet hook. Or is that tmi?

Good luck!

Sprogstersmum Fri 10-Oct-08 20:14:26

Thanks for all the comments. Was induced with DD1 and ended up with c-section (due to undiagnosed breech)and would really like to at least try and have a natural birth this time round but feel like I fail at first hurdle as I don't go into labour without intervention. Nothing so far so looks like sweep didn't work - just have to hope labour will start naturally in next 10 days before date for c-section.

barnsleybelle Fri 10-Oct-08 20:29:51

I had a sweep in the morning, waters broke at tea time and dd was born at midnight.

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