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Clary Sage Oil - how do you use it?

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thedame71 Tue 01-Mar-05 19:38:30

I have used this in 2 previous pregnancies to vainly attempt to bring on labour(!), due in 5 days with number 3 but can't remember what to do.

Do I add it to a base oil and massage on bump or sniff it?

Sorry to be so daft!

3mummy Wed 02-Mar-05 09:07:16

I have never used it, but someone suggested to me the other day that I had a Clary sage bath to bring on baby. Hope that helps, good luck !

Bramshott Wed 02-Mar-05 09:36:51

I think you put it on cotton wool and sniff it. I did that at an aromatherapy class at 33 weeks pg, and gave birth 5 days later. Was probably nothing to do with the clary sage but I've always wondered . . . .!

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