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if you had 2 c-sections, tell me about your 3rd birth....?

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LadySanders Thu 02-Oct-08 14:04:35

ds1, 7 years ago, emergency section, went into labour at 37 weeks after a bleed due to placenta previa, 8lbs baby (ie large for my size 6/8 frame)

ds2, 7 months ago, wanted home vbac, but after 36 hours in active labour had only got to 5cm, baby's head was not engaged and was stuck transverse, had another section, this time 9.5lbs at 42 weeks

we're planning on ttc baby number 3 pretty soon, but don't know whether trying for another home vbac would be unrealistic - assume baby would be another big 'un - interested to hear experiences of vbac after 2 sections, and elective section after 2 previous sections...

canofworms Thu 02-Oct-08 14:10:54

I had elective section after 2 previous sections.

Dd1 was breech so I had elective section 7lb7
dd2 was failed vbac so emergency c-section 9lb15!!!

When I was 6 weeks pg the obs booked me in for my section. Wasn't given a choice and although deep down I was disappointed I didn't challenge it.

My 3rd baby was a lot smaller than my 2nd so I do keep wondering "what if...."

But recovery-wise and planning it was great.

LadySanders Thu 02-Oct-08 14:26:16

so you didn't find the recovery from the 3rd any harder than the first 2? my 2nd one seemed worse than 1st and has not healed so well, so that aspect concerns me...

anchovies Thu 02-Oct-08 14:37:42

I had my first cs after a failed induction at 42 weeks, ds weighed 10 lbs. 2nd cs was agreed as I didn't go into labour by 41 weeks, another big boy, 10 lbs 5. Was advised strongly when pg the third time to elect for another cs and didn't disagree due to history of big babies. Had dd 2 weeks ago by elective cs and she was little in comparison (8 lbs 6) and although I did have a little bit of "what if..." the section and recovery were the best by far. Like you section 2 was not great but this one was fantastic in comparison, feel great now.

LadySanders Thu 02-Oct-08 15:22:54

ah, interesting, anchovies, thanks

and congratulations!

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