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VBAC - What are the issues to think about? LONG!

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LaTrucha Sun 28-Sep-08 11:58:21

Sorry to start another VBAC thread. I've read lots of others, but feel I need to ask my own question.

I had an emergency c-section due to baby's distress 9 months ago. I had been scheduled for an elective c-section due to a transverse position, but then things went tits up for no known reason. Was pretty shocked by the whole idea of a c-section at the time as I hadn't contemplated not going into labour at all.

Very happy to have me and DD healthy and no problems with the medical decision made.

However, the experience has left me with a bit of a peculiar problem and I think two things have contributed to this.

Firstly, I had a long stay in hospital, which included one mad day when more that twice the usual number of babies were born on the ward. Several labouring women had to have part of their labour in the ante-natal ward where I was. Also, during my stay, an awful lot of women seemed to need emergency c-sections after long and distressing labours (I chatted to a lot of them afterwards). Frankly, I found all this really disturbing. Wuss, I know.

Secondly, the nature of my problem was discovered very late and by accident. One of the aggravating factors was having too much amniotic fluid. This would have meant that if I had gone into labour at home, not knowing of the problem both me and my baby would have been at great risk without us knowing.

For months this has left me with an abiding fear of labour (before having DD I was very positive about it, maybe naively so). I have been convinced that an elective c-section was the only way forward for next baby - we're going to TTC soon.

Recently though, I've started thinking a lot about having a VBAC. I had a dream about giving birth which has really made me see it in a more positive light. Plus, I was in agony after my c-section due to bruising and hemorrage and was very immobile for a long time. I would want to be more mobile than this with 2DCs to tend. Another factor is we want three, and I'm getting on a bit and we don't want to have to wait another year to conceive due to second c-section.

Well, thanks for wading through that but I hope it explains my question, which is: what issues do I need to consider if I opt for a VBAC?

And behind this is a sneaking fear I won't be able to hack labour because those labouring women next to me on the ward frightened the bejesus out of me.

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