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elective CS can toddler visit?

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bessmum Sat 27-Sep-08 14:10:52

Not sure if this is the right place to ask. DD1 will be 18 months when I have an elective CS. Told I'll be in 3-4 days. Will DD1 be allowed to visit? Bit worried about how she will react if she does see me and DC2 in hospital, has only had 1 night away from me so far. Any one had any experience of this? Thanks

Olihan Sat 27-Sep-08 14:23:02

Siblings are usually allowed to visit during normal visiting hours. My ds1 was 19mo when dd was born and he came to see me in hospital. He was more interested in the present dd had brought for him than anything else, tbh grin.

The anticiaption of the birth and the dilemma of what to do about your older one is always stressful but it will be fine in the event. She'll have her dad there with her over night, I assume and be with someone she knows while you have the ecs - it really won;t bother her as much as you think.

tiggerlovestobounce Sat 27-Sep-08 14:27:00

My DDs were allowed to visit when I was in hospital. When I had my first CS DD1 was 19 months, and she was allowed in. I only stayed in 1 night, partly that was due to knowing that my DD would rather I was a home.
My DD was fine with the baby, but I think that depends on the childs personality, as to how jealous they are. Maybe if you arent holding the baby when she first sees you in hospital, so that she can get a cuddle and not feel "displaced". Also a have gift for her from the baby in hospital with you, so she can get it when she visits.

bessmum Sat 27-Sep-08 22:54:17

Thanks, good advice Olihan and tiggerltb

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