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Braxton Hicks?????

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Gem1355 Sun 27-Feb-05 13:10:04


I was woken up at 4:30am last nite by a very sharp pain, right down in my pelvis, it felt like a bad period pain, the sharpness kept coming and going but the dull ache was still there, my tummy was sort of going hard when the sharpness arrived so went downstairs and took some co-dryomal and about 9:00 this morning the pain wore off. Is that Braxton Hicks or just baby moving further down the pelvis, as 2/5 engaged already?

jampots Sun 27-Feb-05 13:24:11

braxton hicks are contractions so whilst they may be uncomfortable and like period pains shouldnt cause a sharp pain. Maybe baby moving over nerves. Mears is your lady to ask and I think tiktok

Gem1355 Sun 27-Feb-05 21:22:41


Gem1355 Mon 28-Feb-05 11:24:00


Calmriver Wed 09-Mar-05 15:09:32

Hi There.

My baby girl is 6 and a half months now.
I was 37 ish weeks(although I had experienced these from 34ish)and I kept getting tightenings everytime I stood up. I bravely walked up to the hospital, and came out 5 days later with 'Baba'
I never had pain with them really, just uncomfort! They would go really tight, as to make my deep breathing quite difficult.
I could tell the difference between her moving around and a braxton contraction. the braxtons would take about 30 seconds before letting loose.

Your waters can break from Braxtons too.That can be witought any pain-just tight. Mine didn't, which is why they delivered me.

Gem1355 Wed 09-Mar-05 21:15:08


Been having them all day today but i think it's because i've done to much!

Went into hospital saturday as was experiencing these with what felt like leaking. but no baby so just have to keep an eye on it. Just feel stretched but i don't thinki can stretch much more just waiting for the arrival hopefully won't be to long!

mummydreamer Wed 09-Mar-05 21:32:15

Had similar experience Gem - one isolated contraction like pain. Turned out to be baby moving down and nothing to worry about. You can always call your midwife if you are unsure. Rest up anyway! Hope you are ok.

Gem1355 Wed 09-Mar-05 21:45:09

Well it seems silly because i'm so tired yet now i've finished work you would think i've got a few weeks to sleep when i feel like it but i don't and it's not like i have any thing to do coz i'm all prepared for the arrival. Juat trying to take it easy from now, but MW & DR thinks baby might arrive early anyway, so fingers crossed!

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