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Child birth after a c-section???

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dabihp Sun 27-Feb-05 09:53:27

Had section with last child - 2 yrs ago - told that unless i had a very small baby would not be able to deliver naturally (turns out this particular consultant uses the same line with all short women, blah blah 5 llb baby), am due in May with 2nd child, but hoping for a natural delivery...

ANyone have any experience of a VBAC?
Or recovery time after 2nd c-section? as last time it took me months to recover!

eidsvold Sun 27-Feb-05 09:57:31

really wanted a vbac and it did not turn out that way BUT I certainly recovered much quicker after my second c-section than the first - think Arnica helped. Was given the okay to drive after three weeks and the gp said that my wound looked fine and after feeling my belly said it all felt great and seemed to be recovering well.

dabihp Sun 27-Feb-05 09:58:41


eidsvold Sun 27-Feb-05 11:41:33

you can get it in tablet or cream form - you would want tablets - it helps with healing and bruising etc. If you do a search there are a number of threads on it.

Ellbell Wed 02-Mar-05 11:47:32


I had a successful VBAC. Am at work at the moment and haven't got time to write you a full account, but will try to come back and write more when I can.

IME the thing I found most important was avoiding being continuously monitored. I got my consultant to agree to me being monitored with a hand-held sonicaid thingie every 20 mins, and that was fine (obviously I'd have gone on the continuous monitor if there had been any problems).

I did some research and found that the chances of the scar rupturing (which are vanishingly small) increased quite significantly with induction, so I asked not to be induced and agreed to a second elective section if I hadn't gone into labour by 42 weeks.

It may have been relevant, though, that the reason for my first section was not something likely to repeat itself (placenta praevia).

HTH. Will try to come back later!

PS Found arnica great with bruising after natural delivery too!

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