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3rd egree tear being restitched

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Lola1512 Tue 23-Sep-08 17:08:17

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 4 weeks ago but ended up having a 3rd degree tear from forceps. i had an infection but right now i feel fine no pain, going to the loo fine but obvioudly havent tried sex. But today i was told the tear wasnt healing in the middle and so i have to go to hospital have a general to be re opened and then re stiched. i am so upset as i am really enjoying being out and about with my baby and dont want to be sat at home agin with a ice pack between my legs. has ayone else been restitched? how long did it take before you were up and about? also is it possible they still wont heal? im even contemplating asking not to be re stiched but is this wise. Someone help me i felt like all the bad stuff was over and i could enjoy my baby and bow i feel like im being sent back to the start! x

WeeBesom Wed 24-Sep-08 15:33:19

Firstly congratualtions on your wee baby. That's a shame, try not to worry it may not take as long to heal as you think!

Hope someone with experience comes along for you.

WeeBesom Wed 24-Sep-08 15:33:54

congratulations can you tell i'm tired?

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