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Remember the thread about are doulas good to have at a birth? or a hindrance? WELL....

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mumofdjandbabies Sun 21-Sep-08 21:46:28

those of you that know me (so to speak) may know on Tues past that I had a baby girl hooray! grin

I had KLAW as my doula (you may have seen her around? she is a doula on the boards here).

I kid you not hubby and I both of whom had individual reservations about a hiring a doula found the experience of having one AMAZING...what a comfort, what support, what a god sent when it came to the event.

SHE WAS A ROCK AND WE COULDNT HAVE GOT AS FAR WITHOUT HER!!! As my labour/birth was not straight forward.....

She brought comfort to our third birth that we had bever experienced in either previous births and we think doulas (in particular THE KLAW as we lovingly call her rock)grin

4andnotout Sun 21-Sep-08 21:50:38

Hi Krissy!
I didn't realise you were having a doula and not least a famous mumsnetter! Glad everything was a positive experience, only 5 weeks to go today and so not looking forward to was only a year ago and the experience is still fresh in my mind!
Hope you are settling at home with all your pink bits!

mumofdjandbabies Sun 21-Sep-08 21:54:55

yes KLAW was amazing is still supporting me bless her (as the labour didnt exactly go to plan) but lets just say she is now one of the family poor chick seeing me at my worst havering rubbish.........

god love her blushgrin

mumofdjandbabies Sun 21-Sep-08 21:55:16

golly i foret you have such a little gap!!!

4andnotout Sun 21-Sep-08 22:01:36

I know it was dd3's 1st birthday yesterday!
I still havent got round to sorting anything out for this baby yet! But dp is off work for at least a month now so he can help!

Klaw Sun 21-Sep-08 22:41:57

Oh feck blush

<<runs away to hide>>

peeps out to say that being with K and her dh was the utmost honour and that I am indebted to them for sharing this experience with me.

K was an absolute trooper. She mobilised almost the entire labour. She was a STAR!!!!!!! I have learned so much and am so humbled.

Also was witness to the most amazing midwifery support and the most fabulous VBAC consultant who needs to be sainted. Not once was her previous 2 sections EVER brought up. They were fab!

And baby is cute as a button! grin just like her mum.....

lulumama Mon 22-Sep-08 07:44:41

wooooo hoooooooooo !!

did i recommend Klaw to you?? [steals some glory by default!}

excellent news.... so glad, Klaw is just amazing, and congratulations on the safe arrival of your darling girl.

mumofdjandbabies Mon 22-Sep-08 10:16:18

Hi klaw <waves> grinblush

can you pass me a glucose tablet..? wink
gas? pass me gas! ha ha blush
did you ever get the muconium off your trousers by the way ha ha grin

well girl we did it !! by hook or by crook we have our baby girl grin

and lulumama yes indeed I am indebted to you it was you that told me about THE KLAW!!! xxxxx (sends little cuddle your way too)

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