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38 weeks, think I had a slight leak of waters, am group b strep + - should I call hospital?

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greenlawn Sun 21-Sep-08 10:56:57

Typical for this to happen on a Sunday! Can anyone help?

I had some mildly painful but irregular contractions overnight, and this morning there is a definite leakage - but its very slight and seems to stop and start. Sorry for the tmi, but it has a kind of chemical smell - don't think its wee! Stopped at the moment.

The only thing that concerns me is I had a group b strep + swab a couple of weeks ago. I know its possible to have a leak and for it to re-seal, but does the + swab mean there is a risk of infection even if this has happened?

I hate the idea of the clock ticking away if I've had a leak - have had one cs and a vbac before btw.

Ewe Sun 21-Sep-08 11:02:29

I think you should call the labour ward and ask. Put a saniitary towel on if you haven't already so they can check it's your waters.

How exciting!

uptomyeyes Sun 21-Sep-08 11:05:27

Can't advise on the strep B, but at 38 weeks I would just call the hospital anyway, what have you got to lose if they say you are fine to stay put. I had similar leaking at 35 weeks with DS3, called the hospital against DH's advice ("your waters haven't broken you are just wetting yourself!!") they called me in and he was born the next day - to prevent possible infection.

Please call and good luck! smile

lulumama Sun 21-Sep-08 11:08:17

i would definitely give them a ring, as if you are GBS + you will be advised to have IV abx in labour. once your forewaters have gone there is a bigger risk of infection, more so than a hindleak.. but i would certainly call labour ward. the clock should not be ticking if it is not a full rupture of membranes.

greenlawn Sun 21-Sep-08 12:00:09

Thanks all, I called them and they said definitely to come in ... so once I've got childcare sorted I'm on my way!!!!

lulumama Sun 21-Sep-08 12:00:39

update when you can x best of luck if you are off to have your baby !

manitz Sun 21-Sep-08 12:38:48

you sound just like me at the beginning of the month. was 36 + 2 and had leakage, previous cs then vbac and group b strep. called hospital and was told to come in found out it was total waters going - thought might just be hind. there is danger of infection they said ended up with two leads into my arm, antibiotics and oxytocin as didn't go into labour and two straps across my belly. ten hours later still no labour so had another cs. (2nd sept). Hope things go better for you but would suggest you go in.

reason I went in is cos last year also had a dead baby at 26 weeks so couldn't personally risk it happening again. (was different circumstances - termination for medical reasons).

ajm200 Sun 21-Sep-08 14:35:12

Good luck..

greenlawn Sun 21-Sep-08 16:49:03

Hi, thank you so much for the messages - I'm back, everything fine, waters OK but the good news is I'm having some nice regular contractions so they seem quite hopeful they will increase and I might be properly on my way quite soon. Decided to come home and relax until then.

If anyone is in a similar situation and reads this, the group b strep issue was taken very seriously and I was told it would make a very definite difference if waters had gone, especially since my options are limited by a previous cs. So I was pleased I didn't take any chances.

Manitz, sorry to hear of your experience and your loss - one of my boys was stillborn (32 weeks) so I'm also very worried about taking any risks. Congratulations on the birth of your dc.

uptomyeyes Sun 21-Sep-08 17:28:05

Oh Lord - how exciting - an imminent birth!!! Oh I'll be all restless now waiting for news!! smile

manitz Mon 22-Sep-08 10:43:12

hey greenlawn sorry didnt mean 2 go 4 pity vote. am in post birth euphoria at mo but bit scared of whole bleeding thing.

hope those contractions r continuing and you have a lovely end result however you get there. better the waters hadnt gone more chance of vbac.

sorry to hear of your loss also x

will keep eye out for news re arrival.

greenlawn Mon 22-Sep-08 11:17:21

Manitz, do you mean bleeding after the cs? I had 6 weeks of it before I found out my uterus hadn't shrunk back because there were bits of placenta stuck inside it. Given a choice of a d and c or a prescription for ergometrine - chose the latter and everything was fine.

Or maybe you're just overdoing it and the "scab" where the placenta was attached to the uterus keeps opening up and bleeding afresh?

manitz Mon 29-Sep-08 10:50:52

how are you doing?

yeah bleeding post cs. w ill wait until 6 week check up. thanks

greenlawn Mon 29-Sep-08 19:18:53

Still pregnant despite what the mw said - now nearly 40 weeks and very very bored of it all!

manitz Thu 09-Oct-08 11:26:25

any news? or is that too irritating to ask?

greenlawn Fri 10-Oct-08 14:25:57

Hi there, unfortunately things didn't go to plan - went into labour and progressed very fast, but I ended up having a crash cs under general anaesthetic - baby fine though (ds3).
That was a week ago, still don't know what happened to cause his heart rate to drop dramatically, though the mw thinks maybe the old cs scar started to come apart. They're going to check the notes and let me know.

Still feeling upset about it, albeit relieved that ds3 was safely delivered! xx

SoloTheCharmedOne Fri 10-Oct-08 14:31:39

Congratulations! grin

greenlawn Fri 10-Oct-08 14:41:46

Thank you!

Honeymoonmummy Sun 12-Oct-08 18:05:09

Congrats greenlawn! I am saving this thread as I am strep B and 37 weeks pregnant, just in case...

shellbelle2 Mon 13-Oct-08 00:02:15

Hi Honeymoonmum,I was pleased to see that you are taking the strep B thing seriously. I have had 2 ds and one dd and in all my pregnancies i was clear of strep B to start with but developed it by time of 37 wk swab that i demanded they did.

The most important thing you have to do is insist that they give you the iv antibiotics as soon as you think you are in labour. The best protection for baby comes if you've had atleast 2 lots before baby is born and they need atleast 2-4 hours to take affect.

Next try to stay in hospital for atleast 72 hours after the birth because this is the time frame in which early on set strep B infection shows itself. You keep observing your baby for the signs eg. unusual breathing pattern. Check out the symptoms list on the strep B website.By being in the hospital if baby needs antibiotics fast theres no delay.

Even after you go home stay extra vigilent for the first 6 months of babies life as this is when later onset strep B infection may occur.

I don't mean to alarm you but having been through it 3 times I think its best you get to understand what to do. Also remember that it is extremely rare for a baby to contract strep B but its not worth the risk is it ?

Honeymoonmummy Mon 13-Oct-08 00:40:34

No, thanks shellbelle. The different midwives have said different things about how long I need to stay in afterwards, so that's useful, thanks.

They picked up mine at about 24 weeks when I had a bleed, so it could well have gone by now, but I'm not taking any chances!

Would you suggest going in earlier than they usually recommend? Its my first baby and we live 30 mins from the hospital.

PS sorry to steal your post like this greenlawn! blush

greenlawn Mon 13-Oct-08 09:49:26

Yes, go in earlier - or at least when you phone in make sure you tell them you;re group b strep +. I'm allergic to penicillin and was told that I needed at least 6 hours clindamycin before the birth - I was in (very fast) labour for an hour before the c-section and they still hadn't lined up the anti-b's, which concerned me (but got taken over by events). If labour had taken its course I don't think there's any way I'd have got 6 hours anti-b's so better safe than sorry.

shellbelle2 Mon 13-Oct-08 11:30:40

Hi Honeymoonmummy and Greenlawn,

As for going in earlier than they recommend thats a great BIG yes from me too. The first twinge and I'd get in there and not only that once there you have to fight to get the midwives to hurry up and administer the iv antibiotics. If it takes your birth partner chasing them down the corridor do it because an excuse of we're understaffed we'll get it going asap just isn't acceptable ! not when it seriously affects the outcome for your baby.

Another tip is to write on the front of your maternity notes in big red letters warning strep B carrier that gets their attention too.

I didn't have a clue about strep B when my first DS was born 7 years ago, I wasn't swabbed for it and he developed severe hypoglycaemia in the first few hours of his life and was whisked away from me to SCBU for 5 days... ignorance is definitely not bliss.

Honeymoonmummy Mon 13-Oct-08 18:18:26

Do you think if I go in for a dose of antibiotics and I have ages to go that they'll just give me the dose then let me go home again? I'm keen to stay in the comfort of my home as long as possible.

shellbelle2 Mon 13-Oct-08 23:20:15

Im not sure about that if they dont think you're in established labour they might try to delay giving you the anti biotics if you say you want to go home for a while they might think you can't be in labour and not give you them anyway. Talk to your midwife about the likelyhood of being allowed home after iv antibiotics have been administered.

My personal experience of this with DS 2 was slightly different. I went in to hosp to see my consultant in his clinic as I wanted to be induced at 39 weeks due to suggested large size of baby and my concerns about possible shoulder dystocia and its affect on baby. He said He'd do a sweep to get things going but when he examined me I was 4cm dilated anyway.

I wasn't allowed home and was sent straight to the delivery suite after the cons had swept and accidentally ruptured the fore membranes. I was worried because of possible risk of strp B infection to baby now my membranes werent intact anymore but the midwife was so slow getting the iv antibiotics set up and didn't seem concerned about time delay and probability of a shorter labour as it was DS 2. As it was I only got one shot of anti biotics as DS was born after a 5 hour labour.

DS2 was healthy and huge ( 11.05lbs) but I felt more in control because I was well informed about Strep B this time around. I stayed in hospital for 3 days because i wanted to ensure that he was constantly monitored for strepb infection.

If you google Strep B you'll find a brilliant support group.

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