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Worried about 3rd C section

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nuthacuppatea Sat 20-Sep-08 13:24:33

In 8 weeks thereabout I will be having my 3rd CSection and am feeling really anxious about it . Is there anyone else out there with similar circumstances? Here is my story...
After a hideous 36 hr labour and then being told They could see DS1 head. I was then whisked off for an emergency CS where they had to use Vonteuse and forceps to pull him back out of the birth canal. The reason on my notes was 'fetal distress' but I was told at the time I had placenta previa which was stopping him coming out. They failed to write this on my notes.
Second time round I was encouraged to have VBAC but went for an elective CS because I was scared of the same thing happening again and had lost my trust in them because my notes did not match up to what actually happened. They then picked up on scan that I had PP again so agrees Elective CS was best.
The second E CS was a far better experience than the first and I recovered much more quickly.
I am having my 3rd child in 8 weeks and was basically told I would have an E CS. No other options were discussed. I don't appear to have PP this time so unsure why I wasn't given the option of VBA2C. Although my last C section went well I can't help feeling really anxious about the thought of a third.I remember not being able to breath during my last ElectiveCS and not being able to communicate this to the anaethetist (sp?) who was chatting to my DH at the time! The Surgeon also mentioned that I had lots of scar tissue from my 1st CS which kind of worries me too. OMG I've just written an essay. Still, needed to get it out of my system!

jellybeans Sat 20-Sep-08 13:34:22

Hi, I am in the same position! I can't advise but can offer sympathy as I know how scary it is. I am 31 weeks and have had 2 sections. Both emergency, one was a crash section and afterwards I had internal bleeding and had to go back to theatre. I am soooo scared of a c/s yet hopeful that if it is elective it won't be as scary and am praying don't hemorrhage again! (Keep thinking am going to bleed to death) I have had VBAC1s and would choose a VBAC2 if they advised it but they more or less said no way as I am high risk having lost 2 babies late and having a cervical stitch. Take care xx

nuthacuppatea Sat 20-Sep-08 17:28:49

Jellybeans that sounds awful. I forgot to mention that i lost alot of blood too with my emergency CS and they kept me in for 8 days saying I needed a transfusion. i never got it though but obviously never needed it as i'm still here! I discharged myself in the end. Internal bleeding is a scary thought. I'm sure you will notice a difference with your elective. mine was 1000 times more bearable. It helps that your not thoroughly exhausted going into it.It was very quick and much more relaxed.(I could hear conversations about TV going on around me!) Have you been given a date yet?

jellybeans Sat 20-Sep-08 18:45:57

Hi, thanks that is very reassuring. I haven't been given a date yet, they said they don't book people in till 36 weeks! The usual time they give you is 39 weeks which would make me mid November. I would prefer 38 weeks as I'm so stressed and scared of loosing another baby. Have you got a date yet? Do you have to wait till 39 weeks? What scares me is going into labour earlier and having an emergency section again (having the stitch in labour can tear the cervix so would have to have it out and would prob be nightmare and scary). The further I get the more stressed I am getting!! I think I was in denial about the birth till now!!

nuthacuppatea Sun 21-Sep-08 10:19:54

I know what you mean. It's very easy not to think about it at the beginning of the pregnancy. It's only recently it's sunk in and all the 'What if's... ?'come to mind. And then you just feel helpless and more anxious as it gets closer. I'm also already feeling guilty for my other children incase anything happens to me.Agghh! I'm sure we will both be fine.I'm also sure they will be extra careful with you seeing as you have lost 2 babies and will understand if you get really upset with them because of this, if you know what I mean.
Ps I booked a date at 24 weeks last time and had the option to this time (but didn't as I wanted to think about it). I now don't know when I'll get to book in as I never seem to see a midwife. Always on holiday so I get to see stroppy Dr instead!I have a feeling it will be around the 7th Nov though.

jellybeans Sun 21-Sep-08 10:51:40

'I'm also already feeling guilty for my other children incase anything happens to me.' I feel like this exactly too. Keep feeling selfish for going through it again in case I leave them motherless. Hope we h get our dates soon, I am sure we will be fine and will have forgotton it all in a few months when we have our beautiful babies

mumofdjandbabies Sun 21-Sep-08 21:50:00

HI lvoe i just had my thrid section on tues past and all is dandy it was totally ok!! honetsly
my easiest yet and I felt like you so please dont worry xxx

nuthacuppatea Mon 22-Sep-08 07:21:51

Thanks for that. Good to hear! Congratulations btw!smile

ScarletTiger Mon 22-Sep-08 22:38:49

I am scheduled for my 3rd c-section in less than 3 weeks and I have to admit I am a lot freaked out and afraid - my first one was an emergency c-section which was a result of going into be induced at 42 weeks as the little man was a no show - I had read nothing on c-sections so was completely freaked out - 2 epidurals and a General Anaesthetic later he was delivered by the paediatrician as he had gone into foetal distress and spent a week in the care unit. Second one was an emergency c-section as my water's had broken (due to a hind tear) and I went in for a routine check to be told he was going into foetal distress although I was not in pain or had any contractions - this time they gave me a spinal tap and my recovery was better.
I am due to meet the Anaesthetist next week to talk over what will happen with this c-section - which has given me some reassurance over my not having any control over my births.

mumofdjandbabies Thu 25-Sep-08 13:41:41

hope all goes well scarletiger!

VictorianSqualor Thu 25-Sep-08 14:02:08

I had my 3rd section 23weeks ago.
I was supported in my choice for a VBA2C (eventually) but I had placental problems so time was an issue.
I had the section at 41wks when baby still hadn't arrived.
It was much better than I was expecting.
My birth story is ohere as you can see I needn't have been so worried.
Good luck with the cs but if you really don't want one I'd be inclined to ask why you can't and do your own research.

glasgowgal Thu 25-Sep-08 14:07:00

I have had 3.

No.1 After being induced, and 2.5 hours pushing.

No.2 Spontaneous labour, going for normal birth and, at the same stage as previously, and same as you, had to be pushed back up to deliver by CS.

No.3 Elective.

I think the more you have the more chance there is of your scar rupturing in normal labour so they would be unlikely to offer you VBAC at all after 2.

It really is ok (well as ok as childbirth by CS or otherwise can be). I also only started thinking about the delivery late in the pregnancy, even though I knew before I got pregnant I would have to have CS. The more time you have to think about it the bigger it can seem. I am sure your doctors are doing the very best for you and it will all be much more civilised that your emergency CS. Good luck!

englishspringer Fri 26-Sep-08 12:37:34

i am going to have my 3rd C section in 12 weeks - really scared about the whole needle in my back again. i have been given no other option - there must be mums out there who have had VBAC's after 2 CS's

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