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Waters breaking - does a little bit of leakage count??

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ipanemagirl Thu 18-Sep-08 09:19:55

I don't really want to tell the mw/hospital because I know then I'm on a short countdown (36 hours) til an inevitable induction. (had one with ds when I was very ready and very rapid birth - don't want to do that again at all).

Has anyone else has a bit of leakage and held out for normal labour to start?

any advice appreciated.

Niecie Thu 18-Sep-08 09:25:30

My waters leaked for about 8 hours before labour started.

However, you do need to be careful - when mine started I went to the hospital to check out (1st child) and they said that they would induce me within 48 hours if labour didn't start as once the waters have started to go there is a risk of infection and the baby is better out than in. I think some hospitals say less than that and it was the day before my due date so I had a bit more time to play with than you.

As I say labour started about 8 hours later (was established 12 hours after they first went) so I avoid all that but it might be worth having a word with the midwife so she is at least aware.

But it sounds like something is happening for you.

Good luck. grin

ipanemagirl Thu 18-Sep-08 09:37:58

Thanks Niecie! I know there's a risk of infection but I can't find out how great that risk is, I so don't want to have the violently quick labour I had with ds. But I suspect if I'm leaking, the waters have gone and they're obliged to give me a time limit.
Unfortunately the whole thing is making me panic which is probably why it's all stopped! Just like last time! sad
Oh well will see if I can get it out somehow naturally!

DRAGON30 Thu 18-Sep-08 09:46:55

When DS1 was born,I had a bit of leakage( forewaters?) at around 10pm, then pains which built up over the next couple of hours - but were quite OK to cope with . I decided to go to hospital at around 2am, and the rest of my waters broke in the car! I thought I would be in for another long labour, but DS1 was born 20 minutes after we parked! I know that guidelines vary re breaking waters and baby being born. Some say 24hrs, some 48. I would wait a little longer, but if you have no indications of labour starting soon, I would talk to your midwife and/or go to hospital. Good luck!

ipanemagirl Thu 18-Sep-08 09:54:43

thanks dragon!

Niecie Thu 18-Sep-08 10:01:05

Don't panic! It will be fine. Keep walking around and hopefully things will get going soon.

Gravity is a marvellous thing.wink

MrsJohnCusack Thu 18-Sep-08 10:02:23

oh but good luck ipanemagirl!
I hope you get some answers soon

I think you're good to do some walking/bouncing on a birth ball/ walking up and down stairs to get things going

ipanemagirl Thu 18-Sep-08 10:02:41

Thanks again niecie, I need to stop panicking and do a few chores then listen to my hypnobirth thing and who knows!

ipanemagirl Thu 18-Sep-08 10:03:53

Oh mrs JC!! long time no see!
Hope you're well! I"m going to get busy now........
I've got to let go of the trauma of ds's birth sometime!!!!

hedgepig Thu 18-Sep-08 10:41:09

ipanemagirl BIG WAVES!!! I think you really should call your mw to talk it through and explain your concerns about another induction. I think the concern of infection is real, with DS I had no fluid (but no leaks either) and he was starting to get very distressed when it was picked up.
You have delivered before and there is no reason to think that your body will not start by its self this time. Try to stay mobile and upright etc etc.

ipanemagirl Thu 18-Sep-08 11:01:33

hello hedgepig! you're right will do.....

SlinkieM Thu 18-Sep-08 11:12:53

Good luck ipanemagirl - similar first experience with me so totally understand. Have you been Strep B tested, as my obstetrician told me that if my waters go again, we can now be a bit more relaxed knowing I'm negative. But I would still let the MWs know after not too long, but check your own wellbeing, fetal movement etc and temperature etc in the meantime in case. Hopefully you'll be well on your way soon - good luck.

hedgepig Thu 18-Sep-08 11:24:18

how exciting things are happening. Have you let DH have a day off work yet? Good luck I'm sending waves of positive thought your way H

ipanemagirl Thu 18-Sep-08 11:59:40

thanks so much both of you! Yes I'm sure I've been strep tested I saw it on my notes but will double check.
I'm watching temp and all. I'd call my lovely mw but I know then I'll have to go in and so want to just stay at home today and not traipse about like yesterday (2 hours waiting for my antenatal appointment...!)
But I'm just waiting for my big sis (former mw) to call and she'll give me my orders and I shall obey her, she's the Don!

wasabipeanut Thu 18-Sep-08 12:13:21

Hi there, your experience with dc1 was similar to mine - waters breaking, deadline, inductions etc. so I can understand your reservations. I have no practical advice at all (my personal inclination would be to stay quiet but that prob isn't the responsible thing to say)but I just wanted to say good luck! smile

jeanjeannie Thu 18-Sep-08 13:27:12

Oooo - good luck ipanemagirl smile

Word has reached us on the Sparkly 40 thread about your impending birth. We're wishing you well, knitting booties and baking a cake for your return - with ipanema-junior grin xxx

ajm200 Thu 18-Sep-08 13:31:24

When I had my son I had high BP and had to go for monitoring every day. I saw the same lady everyday whose waters had been leaking from 28 weeks. She was on antibiotics, daily scans and monitoring so I think the hospitals response depends on how far along your are.

If you think your waters are leaking, you must check your temperature every hour and if it starts too rise, go to the hospital. A broken bag of water means a greater chance of infection. Personnally, I wouldn't keep quiet about it for too long, but I might go for a few extra hours.

ipanemagirl Thu 18-Sep-08 13:53:17

thnx! Am just in a bit of a state really, so worried about everything and I think so traumatised by ds's rapid birth last time that I can't think straight. I just wish I could relax and to into a normal labour! Oh well, I'll have to just do the best I can.
Hi jeanjeannie! give my best to that thread I'm going to call my mw now. My sis told me to and I'm sure I'll feel better.

ajm200 Thu 18-Sep-08 14:27:22

Good luck - let us know how you get on. With any luck it isn't your waters at all smile

Ebb Thu 18-Sep-08 14:36:02

My waters started leaking at around 8.30pm on the Saturday and I had to go in for a trace as I wasn't having contractions so they just wanted to check baby. Everything was fine so I was sent home and told I had to come back on Tuesday morning to be induced if things hadn't already started. Was more stressed that I wouldn't be allowed the birthing suite if I hadn't gone into labour within 24hours but luckily contractions started at 2.30am and DS arrived at 10.20am. The routine swab they did when I had my trace came back a few days later as GBS+ sad but baby was fine.

ipanemagirl Thu 18-Sep-08 15:50:41

am going in to be checked in the antenatal ward in an hour or so. Best to be safe I guess.
dh has come home to drive me there but has gone to bed for half an hour because he 'feels poorly' and thinks he's coming down with something'


ipanemagirl Thu 18-Sep-08 15:51:43

thnx for posts,ebb I hope that happens for me! I think once I chill out it will prob start.....

ajm200 Thu 18-Sep-08 16:03:19

It's a good job men don't carry the babies isn't it. Good luck, keep us posted smile

rolledhedgehog Thu 18-Sep-08 16:59:03

With my last baby my waters began leaking on my due date. I told the MW the next day and was sent to the hospital right away where they tested to confirm it was waters and took bloods etc to test for infection. I had a lovely MW who knew I wanted a HB and spoke to the Consultant for me. I had to go in for monitoring twice and take my temp at home to check for signs of infection but in the end they let me wait a week in the hope I would go into labour naturally. I didn't and in the end agreed to induction. Only took a pessary and a lot of waiting but when it began it began with a vengance and only took 1.5 hours. That was a week and a day after the leaking began.

So my point can neogiate and you don't have to agree to anything you don't want.

ajm200 Thu 18-Sep-08 17:17:30

RHH Did you have to wait at the hospital after the pessary or did they let you go home?

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