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Anyone been induced at Kings recently? Am booked for Friday and am reluctantly giving up my homebirth dream.

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Gingermilo Wed 17-Sep-08 20:05:11

I will be 42 weeks tomoorrow and although my consultant was happy to let me carry on to 43, he said I would need to come in and have scans and checks daily anyway so I have reluctantly booked my induction for Friday. Has anyone recent experience of a booked induction at Kings? Whats the procedure? With DD1 I was induced but it was a last resort so was given synto and epi straight away so am a little naieve about what happens when you elect to go in. I would be grateful for any responses!

fothergill Thu 18-Sep-08 13:43:25

I did. I left it till the latest I felt comfortable with and desperately wanted to avoid induction but at the end of the day dd was more important.
The midwives were all ok some lacked a bedside manner but I was listened to every step of the way as a whiny wuss.
I wanted the path of least intervention so I had 2 sweeps to kick start it then pessaries to dilate my cervix over two days which was a little uncomfortable with stronger braxtons enough to make me want paracetemol (but not take it). It eventually got to 1cm - enough for them to break my waters and I went into established labour within a couple of minutes. I think I saw 3 doctors before I let them do it though!! I somehow got a birthing pool which I am eternally grateful to the midwife that sorted that out as it was brilliant for pain relief. She said that I would be then given one hour to progress to 4cm but that its rare for dilation to continue to progress fast enough at that stage to have no drip (and no birth pool then) but I went like a train, dilated fine and 6 hours later she was here with no further intervention and just gas and air. It was pretty hard like being hit by a train as there was no build up - straight in to a minute apart.
On the whole the team was quietly supportive if a little tired and jaded and bemused in the face of a nervous mum to be. If you are able to be strong and question their decisions (ie I stubbornly got to wait four hours to see if the braxtons would progress into labour when they were pushing me upstairs for an immediate bed that had come free for the full induction) you can get as close as you want to piloting yourself what they call 'cascade of intervention' but ultimately there is no going back once you are in there.
I hope you get this in time - I pretty much had a good experience. Just remember you want to feel comfortable and informed and if they are being vague or pushy you just keep asking for clarification without feeling you are being difficult. Good luck!

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