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water and cord below baby????????????

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MummyAnnabella Wed 17-Sep-08 14:32:10

am 34 weeks and at scan yesterday consultant said part of waters below babies head (which is down) and that there is hand and cord in the waters there. said if waters go early (which they did last pg) then cord may proplapse which is not good at all.

anyone had experience of this??

rubles Wed 17-Sep-08 18:18:38

I have not had experience but my first thought reading this is that you still have plenty of time for things to move don't you? Did you ask about that - whether the cord will move out of the way? A cord prolapse is a very rare occurrence so you would be very very very unlucky.

Sorry I am not of much help, I hope someone who knows can give you more help - although the consultant or a midwife are probably the best people to talk to.

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