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Hospital bags

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Jessieboo Tue 16-Sep-08 12:33:09

Anyone got any good ideas of what to pack ? Having baby in a few weeks time so need to start thinking of what to take in.....

hopefully Tue 16-Sep-08 12:48:05

My list is a little epic, but here you go... It looks a lot, but it all fits in two messenger bags (changing bag and another bag the same size), with the spare stuff and car seat to stay in the car.

Iced water (freezer)
Big cardigan
Car seat
Credit/debit card for car park
Mobile phones

Night dress to give birth in, plus spare night dress
Flip flops/slippers
Maternity notes
Nursing bra
Change for phone
Hair bobbles
Lip balm
Disposable breast pads
Nipple cream
Nursing vest
Maternity pads
Big knickers
Tea tree oil
Water bottle/jug
Witch hazel
Ear plugs
Dried fruit
Bottled water/lucozade
Bendy straws
Dry shampoo
Make up
Face wipes
Toothpaste and brush
Plastic bags for dirty clothes
4x Vest (0-3)
4x Sleepsuit (0-3)
Baby cardigan
2x Sleepsuit (newborn)
2x vest (newborn)
Scratch mitts
Cotton wool
Going home outfit (0-3)

Spares (bag to stay in car)
5x Vest (0-3)
5x Sleepsuit (0-3)
Next voucher for buying newborn clothes (given as a present ages ago and kept in case of emergency!)
4x Muslins
Pack maternity pads
Navy pyjamas

MissusH Tue 16-Sep-08 12:54:22

Blimey, Hopefully!!!!

Your list is massive, but having read through my bag is almost the same (except for the snacky labour stuff - not got round to that yet!) I have 2 sizes of baby stuff too - just in case smile)

Haven't got spares though.....

bundle Tue 16-Sep-08 12:55:40

have you tried the search facility on MN?

expatinscotland Tue 16-Sep-08 13:02:53

pile cream/ointment - filled prescription for Xyloproct in my case + prep H wipes
gel/freezer pack with something to cover it for sore bits/arse after the birth - mine's called FemEase or summat like that
sports bottle for water
travel kettle + stuff for tea
lavender oil in water in spray bottle
witch hazel in spray bottle
can of evian to spray my face (from fridge)
snacks to eat that will not constipate/bag of fruit pastilles (works as well as lucozade but cheaper)
a box of paracetemol and a box of ibuprofen for afterbirth pains (will NOT take co-cocodamol as it constipates)
syrup to flavour my water
peppermint tea bags for wind and/or to put on my eyes
my eyemask
tena lady pants rather than those maternity pants that are useless
slip on slippers so i don't have to bend down
microfibre blanket
breast nurse cool gel back thing for my boobs
moist toilet paper wipes
small jug to douse my bits
badger balm - the sleep one

that's just all my stuff and in addition to nightshirts and the like.

i don't like asking for help. ever. i'm the type that will only see a doctor or midwife if i am in A LOT of pain, so i bring a lot of my own stuff.

hopefully Tue 16-Sep-08 13:32:51

Think I probably might as well take out the newborn sized stuff missush - at a week overdue with no signs of imminent labour I somehow doubt this is going to be a dainty little 6lb-er!

Oh yes, pile cream. Have only begun to experience that particular joy in the past few days, and am anticipating it getting a lot worse!

etchasketch Tue 16-Sep-08 13:38:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kentDee Tue 16-Sep-08 13:40:52

Dont forget the anti bacterial wipes!

HensMum Tue 16-Sep-08 13:48:50

Make sure you have a bottle of water with a sports cap. After the birth you can fill it with warm water and squirt on your bits after you've been to the loo or just to clean up.
Lots and lots of maternity pads.
Oooh, also if you've got long hair, tie it back the minute you go into labour. I never really got round to it and by the time it really bothered me, I was having contractions every 5 mins and couldn't do it.

Things I took that I would not bother taking next time:
Make up - thought I would need it for post birth photos. In reality I had no time to apply it and didn't care anyway.
CDs/books/knitting/playing cards - I was induced and thought I might have a long wait for it to kick in. I didn't.

Jessieboo Tue 16-Sep-08 15:07:30

wow thanks guys -will study form tonight ! Looks like I am going to need a seriously large bag !

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