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Anyone had a normal breech....

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showmeyourpuku Sat 13-Sep-08 00:37:09

My first baby was a normal breech at home 15 months ago, and I'm due again in a few weeks. This baby is head down and I'm just wanting to get some stories from others about the differences! Not really looking forward to the "burn" I have to say (didn't have that at all last time!)

Nellstar Sat 13-Sep-08 07:47:19

I haven't had one, but a friend had a normal breech in hospital a week ago, her first was head down. She said the breech was a lot less painful, but the doctors wanted to give her a c-section; they only didn't because of her home midwife team who said they'd delivered loads of breeches. I had a normal head down home birth with DS1. It was very painful, I can't say otherwise but as this is your second baby maybe it won't be so bad? Good luck!

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