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water birth in Lewisham hospital, anybody?

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tab Wed 23-Feb-05 19:17:33

Im booked into lewisham for birth of baby no 2. I heard from somebody that lewisham now have a water bath facility and had been thinking about this. Ive read the recent threads on how wonderful waterbirth is but has anybody given birth in water in Lewisham? And did you stay in when the baby actually came out - I thought that some hospitals make you get out to actually deliver so that the baby isnt underwater? And I know it sounds stupid but I worry about what else might come out in the water! Im so indecisive!! DH just keeps saying it ll all be fine - typical man!

motherinferior Wed 23-Feb-05 19:24:00

Check it out. Last I heard, it ^wasn't actually plumbed in^ - there were problems with the planning regulations. Ring up, and get someone to give you a guarantee that it's plumbed in.

I have to say I hired a pool and had dd2 at home instead, with Lewisham community midwives - and it was totally bloody fantastic.

tab Fri 25-Feb-05 16:43:19

Hallo motherinferior - dont know whether you're still out there. Thanks for info re pool (or not) at Lewisham. I will ring up. When you talk about community midwives, do you just mean the midwives through your doctor's surgery? And was it difficult /expensive to hire the pool and easy to assemble etc. Did you put it downstairs. Tell me more. Was it your first home birth and what swayed you? I hope you're still looking at this bit of the talk topics !!

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