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anyone any experience of Queen Elizabeths in woolwich

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heverhoney1 Wed 10-Sep-08 22:40:15

I have kind of been forced to signing up for here. But I will put my foot down and refuse if there are bad experiences. My gut tells me to go somewhere else but I think that might just be due to the fact that the hosp is in Woolwich - No offence to anyone who lives there (I only live down the road)

heverhoney1 Thu 11-Sep-08 10:57:10


firsttimer08 Fri 12-Sep-08 08:28:34

I've heard of several people with bad experiences there. I myself am registered there, because its much closer than the other option of st. thomas. Another option is lewisham, but its not great either.

In terms of my experiences so far (have not delivered yet!), i've had terrible ultrasound specialists, unwilling to discuss anything/allay my fears, but always in a hurry. the reception staff have hung up the phone on me and my regular midwife appointment has not exceeded beyond 5mins, except on the day they needed to talk my blood !

firsttimer08 Fri 12-Sep-08 08:28:42


Lukesmammy Fri 12-Sep-08 20:50:56

I haven't had any experience of the QE either but I do know someone who has. She said the maternity aftercare was terrible and she is actualy a nurse that works there - she couldn't believe it.

Sorry if the responses unnerve you. I am sure all experiences vary and the QE received a 'fair' rating in the recent report on maternity services if that helps.

LadyBee Fri 12-Sep-08 23:31:43

Hi I had my first baby at QE in April this year.
I actually found it fine - it's a reasonably new hospital (my first booking was the Royal in Whitechapel...which was ancient and looked it), the labour rooms are quite large, they've got a birthing pool (just one, like most hospitals), there are private rooms that you can ask for and if you have normal delivery, may be assigned to.
I found the antenatal care I had there was good, although busy, it was generally prompt and when extra scans were needed, we got them without too much trouble.
Downsides: - the postnatal wards can be noisy, and it can be hard to get attention if you need it - like pretty much all busy NHS hospitals.
- I was lucky to get a great trainee midwife helping me with breastfeeding, she grabbed the breastfeeding consultant as she was on her way somewhere else and I got some good help early on, but it didn't feel like I would have got this without the MW's help.
- The food was appalling.

I had an emergency C-section, no idea who the surgeon was but s/he did a great job, neat scar, easy recover.
Once I was out of the hospital (2 days), the postnatal midwife care was excellent.

heverhoney1 Fri 19-Sep-08 12:51:06

Thanks LAdybee that has put my mind at rest. I did actually ask about lewisham but was made to feel that arranging that would be way too much hassle!! and that I was silly to even consider going anywhere other than QE. I really had my choices down to lew and Queen mary in sidcup so hadnt researched much on QE. So I asked my doc if it were a midwife led unit or a clinical one and she talked to me like I was stupid - apparently there are 7 consultants there! grr to my doc, now I know why I wait to see the other one at my surgery if I possibly can

sweetkitty Fri 19-Sep-08 12:58:09

I had DD1 there 4 years ago so it may have improved. I found the MWs very busy and didn't have time for you, some of them were very rude and English was not their first language so sometimes a bit of a communication barrier. I was in a post natal ward with 3 other woman, BFing care was non existent, various people coming in and shoving a very uninterested DD1 at my boob. We were discharged the day after she was born but readmitted the day after that as she was very jaundiced and needed light therapy, this time I had a private room which was a lot better and a lovely MW looked after me too. I think it's a bit hit and miss with MWs. It was very noisy and the food was utterly disgusting, think very bad school dinners packet Smash, macaroni etc I made DP got to M&S in woolwich and get me food. I had her in July and it was so hot no air con just useless fans blowing at you.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I've since had 2 other DDs both homebirths. I think it's no worse or no better than any big NHS hospital.

Forensica Fri 19-Sep-08 14:45:48

Hi, I am currently registered at QE (just started 24week). Originally I was at Royal London but found it ancient as LadyBee said. I researched a lot about hospitals around (I live north of Blackwall tunnel) and QE had the best (not great but best from compared) reviews. I did not find changing of hospitals much of a hustle, it was only a matter of asking GP for referral and going through the initial interview at the QE again. My experience was fine so far, can not complain about the midwives I spoke to (in comparison to the one I saw twice from RL, who was clearly not enough educated for my liking). I reckon that people have different opinions and expect various levels of care. I based my own opinion upon what was available to me - what I could see at the tour of the ward. For me was important that the facilities were clean, looking fairly modern and convenient (en suite at the labour rooms). Hope it was a wise choice

cookiemonstress Sat 20-Sep-08 17:52:48

I've had both daughters at QE in the last 3 yrs & know several people who have also delivered there. I have nothing to compare it with but on the whole there are many things to recommend it by. It has a special baby care unit on site which is brilliant should the worse come to the worse and you need it, the delivery suites were large, birthing balls, pools etc, very clean.

As ladybee says, the wards are busy. The care in the delivery suites was fab (all midwife care upt to and after - I was registered with Orchard midwives) but it is a challenge for the midwives to give lots of time in the wards after although I did get lots of BF support (and there are other ways you can also get bf support after).

Considering it serves a large portion of a very diverse part of SE London, it does a good job and there is a certain amount of snobbery around QE that is best ignored IME. It is midwife led and although both times I ended up being induced due to being overdue (and DD1 birth being v complicated), I always felt in control and consulted.

The most important thing is how you gel with your midwife and if things aren't going well, be assertive and ask for another.

I do agree that the food is bad although I'm sure no hospital food is nice. But you'll either be so ravenous you won't care or you get something nicer shipped in from outside.

There is a lot to be said about being close to a hospital and not having to contemplate central london traffic when the time comes which is why I ruled out st thomas etc. There always the option of birthing centre (I think one in docklands and tooting) or private midwife but that costs!

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