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Renewed pain in stomach above c-section incision 6 weeks after birth

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PollyParanoia Sat 06-Sep-08 18:09:15

Hello, I had my third cs almost 6 weeks ago. I recovered very quickly previously and seemed ok after this one. However in week 4 I got a temperature for three days and in week 5 the pain in my stomach has increased to the levels it was straight after surgery. It's not so much in my incision as in my stomach above the incision and feels swollen and painful to the touch. I also bled a couple of days ago after the bleeding having stopped for a fortnight. It was bright red, but light. It really hurts when I cough, which unfortunately I do a lot as I have a cough.
Could it be a uterine infection? My incision looks fine and I got a doctor to check it when I had my temperature. I've got my 6-week check on Monday and I suspect gp will say "oh well it's your third cs, you've got a 20m old, you're probably over doing it" etc, etc, but I've got a high pain threshold and this is definitely unlike anything I had before.
Anyone had this? What can I try to demand of my gp?

AvenaLife Sat 06-Sep-08 18:11:29

It sounds as though it could be an infection. I would phone the hospital and check with them, I wouldn't leave it until Monday as you may need antibiotics. I may be wrong but it's best to check with them. smile

Chaotica Sat 06-Sep-08 18:15:54

Get it checked asap (as avenalife says). I had womb infection after a cs - scar was fine so that's no guide. Your symptoms sound like mine (it's not serious but it does need treating).

tiggerlovestobounce Sat 06-Sep-08 18:28:02

You need to see a doctor ASAP, this doesnt sound normal. Dont leave it till Monday.

PollyParanoia Sat 06-Sep-08 19:20:44

Oh god, I'm away for the weekend and miles away from a hospital. It doesn't feel that bad and if it is a womb infection then I've probably had it for a couple of weeks so maybe a day won't make any difference? Think I'll keep checking my temperature and if I feel any worse tomorrow go to the hospital on my return home. Maybe I'm cavalier as I feel no further use for my uterus? Very annoying as wanted antibiotics from gp when I went for temperature a couple of weeks ago. At the very least, your responses embolden me to be demanding with gp on monday (if I don't go to hospital before then)

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