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What is a Bishops Score?

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OFSTEDoutstanding Fri 05-Sep-08 11:18:57

Have just been looking threough my maternity notes. I am due to be induced on Monday when I will be 42 weeks.

The last set of notes my MW wrote listed the phone number I am to ring on Monday morning and then at the bottom said Bishops Score and what looks like either an 8 or a 5 as I can't read the writing very well.

What is a Bishops Score and what does the numbers mean?
TIA grin

flubdub Fri 05-Sep-08 11:20:21

cargirl Fri 05-Sep-08 11:22:12

with a bishops score like that you probably won't be need to be induced!!!!!

With my 4th baby at 42 weeks 6 painful hours after the first lot of gel I still had a bishops score of 1 - I nearly cried!!!! She was delivered 5 hours later so it was okay in the end!

reikizen Fri 05-Sep-08 11:23:00

It is a way of assessing the 'favourability' of your cervix. Points are 'awarded' for how long, thick, effaced and dilated your cervix is, and therefore how likely induction with prostin will be to work. Subsequently can be used to see whether the cervix has changed since prostin was administered. The higher the number for each category, the more favourable it is.
Hope that helps. And that you are fully aware of your options regarding induction. smile

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 05-Sep-08 11:25:17


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