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Any feedback on Great Western Hospital Swindon?

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changeofnameforthispost Tue 02-Sep-08 19:43:49

I'm really afraid of not coping when I'm left alone in the hospital outside official "visiting hours". A number of reasons but the main ones are: 1. extreme medical phobia and 2. issues to do with a childhood sexual assault - my partner has given me amazing strength and support with tests and with the nightmares afterwards. I can't imagine going through any treatment without him at my side at the best of times (let alone at a time when I may be physically and emotionally battered). So I am terrified about what happens when he's sent home.

I know Swindon hospital has a high perentage of single rooms (I don't mind paying). Does anyone know if they are flexible about partners staying on outside official visiting hours if you are in your own room? I understand it's not practical in a shared ward because of privacy issues for other women but if you're on your own anyway and nobody else is affected...?

Elkat Tue 02-Sep-08 20:27:46

Hi. I had both my DDs there, and Deffo go for a single room if you can - I paid £75 for the whole stay. Then, they really don't care how long your hubby is there for - My hubby was with me from 9 in the morning until almost midnight. He literally went home to sleep. Other people have to follow the visitor hours, but your hubby won't. If you are on a ward, they are much stricter because you have got to respect the other people there, so they boot them out by 10pm quite strictly. But do put in your request for a private room as soon as you are admitted. With my second, I wasn't expecting to stay, and so didn't book a room, but then the labour didn't do according to plan, and I had to stay. Even though I only asked for a private room at about 3pm, they had all gone by then. HTH

(And I found the midwives really supportive at the GWH, and despite having two tough labours - couldn't fault the staff). Good luck.

NeuroMum Tue 09-Sep-08 16:21:21

Hi changeofname

I recently had DD at GWH by CS and also had a private room (didn't have to pay cos of the CS which was a bonus!). DH stayed way past visiting hours and no one batted an eyelid. Although, I'm not sure they would have let him stay all night. Another thing to bear in mind, they recently had a change of sister on the ward who was keen on reinforcing the visiting hours, so I don't know how that might change things.

The staff at GWH are fab and I'm sure whilst it wouldn't be easy to explain why you wanted DH there as much as possible, it might mean that your DH could stay with you much longer than they would usually allow. Perhaps you could contact them in advance to discuss?


Tamlin Tue 09-Sep-08 20:22:33

I had a pretty bad time at GWH last year when I had my baby. I lost count of the number of times I was left alone in labour - twice, my husband had to go and fetch midwives to come and help me (once when I'd thrown up all over the room). The midwives varied from the woman who referred to labouring women as 'little girls' to the one who sat in the corner of the birthing suite, ignoring me and doing her paperwork while I was in transition.

So, I recommend taking along a VERY supportive birth partner as in my rotten experience, the midwives are likely to be busy, patronising or just plain absent. I did have one very good one at the end, called Meg, who worked out that my baby needed to turn and worked with me to try and move him; I only wish I'd had her all the way through. She also apologised to me on behalf of the consultant who sliced me up for the ventouse and ignored me when I was screaming, saying 'You can't feel that.' Apparently he is 'very good at his job, but has a dreadful bedside manner.' No kidding - I had nightmares about him on and off for the next nine months, and they only stopped after I went in for reconstructive surgery to correct the bad stitching he did.

And yes, I cried from the time they booted my husband out of my private room until he got back the next morning. Then I left against medical advisement because I couldn't face being in there any longer.

Final word of warning - all the women in my local breastfeeding support group delivered at GWH, and had their start in breastfeeding scuppered by midwives urging formula and warning of 'low blood sugar'. Unless they've changed a lot in the last six months, this is NOT a 'baby-friendly' hospital, so try to get in contact with a La Leche representative or lactation consultant before you go in.

I hope I haven't scared the bejesus out of you, but I think it's better to go in with your birth partner well warned in advance than to have him running around trying to round up medical staff, utterly bewildered the way my poor bloke was...

POTC Tue 09-Sep-08 20:27:50

My sister hated the experience she had there with her first that she had her dh drive her to Bath for the next one!

NeuroMum Wed 10-Sep-08 10:03:21

I think GWH possibly are risk averse when it comes to low birth weight babies and 'low blood sugar'. DD was classed as low birth weight and so her blood sugars were monitored until they reached an acceptable range. We were encouraged to, and did, top up with formula but this in no way affected my ability to breastfeed. The midwives were very careful to ensure that I latched DD on and allowed her to suck for as long as she wanted (which wasn't long as she was so sleepy, but they helped me to learn how I could keep her going for longer). It was only after she'd had a good long suck that we would then try to get some formula into her. We only needed 4 or so top up bottles, bloods to normal range and exclusive breastfeeding all the way since then.

But this wasn't really what the OP was asking, just to reiterate 5 months ago my post natal care was really great and GWH were relaxed about DH and visiting hours. All the other information given in response will just make changeofname feel even more apprehensive about the whole experience, which is not so helpful.

Tamlin Wed 10-Sep-08 13:10:07

I think it's more helpful to be forewarned and forearmed. I really wish I had been. And they certainly weren't relaxed about DH and visiting hours for me, so it sounds as if it varies depending on who's on shift.

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