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what would you do???Thought my only option was a c-section, found out today i can go for natural, DILEMMA

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diddle Tue 02-Sep-08 10:56:58

I have had 2 previous children. !st ended in c-section due to failed delivery - 42wks
2nd went into labour got to 7 cms then baby went into distress, emergency section - 41wks

i had been led to believe my only option for my 3rd is another c-section, but have found out today i do have a choice and as long as the consultants don't think its too risky i can try for a natural.

have no idea what to do or think now. anyone else had this issue and what did you decide??

notsoslimnow Tue 02-Sep-08 15:44:39

hi,unfortunately cant give you any personal experience as im not due to give birth for a couple of weeks BUT .... i think this would depend on ''your'' thoughts and feelings on why you ended up with c-sections.perhaps if you feel you could have been helped with different positions/less intervention or more time etc then it would be perfectly acceptable to make the changes you want to and create a different birth plan this time around.also how did you feel about your cs....recovery etc.

diddle Tue 02-Sep-08 16:35:53

i was gutted that i didn't get a natural birth but obviously want to put my own and babies welfare before my own personal preference. think i need to do lots more research into the pro's and con's

lindenlass Tue 02-Sep-08 17:19:53


There is a yahoo group for people considering vbac I think - try

Obviously you want to put your own and baby's welfare before your own personal interest, but, if all is going well, then it is safer for babies to be born vaginally so, by doing lots of research, you may well find that by choosing a vbac, you are actually putting your baby's and your welfare first anyway.

It's not as if they won't monitor you a lot during labour so if anything looks the slightest bit worrying, they'd give you a caesarean anyway. At least if you start labour naturally then you know the baby's ready to be born.

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