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How long afterwards do you bleed for?

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LadyOfWaffle Mon 01-Sep-08 17:18:28

That's about it really, thanks

BroccoliSpears Mon 01-Sep-08 17:27:41

How long is a piece of string?

I bled like a stuck pig for about 3 weeks.

A friend of mine didn't even manage to use her box of 10 san pads.

ShowOfHands Mon 01-Sep-08 17:29:55

5/6 weeks here. The placenta leaves a wound the size of a dinner plate.

MrsTittleMouse Mon 01-Sep-08 17:30:55

Just over 6 weeks here. I was mightily fed up by the end.

mankyscotslass Mon 01-Sep-08 17:32:25

just over 6 weeks with all of them. With the older two my period came back at 8 weeks post partum. I ws really shortchanged on that considering I was still breastfeeding.

Mercy Mon 01-Sep-08 17:37:01

About 2 weeks with dd, and about 6-7 weeks with ds.

LadyOfWaffle Mon 01-Sep-08 17:42:52

Blimey, ok! Was getting twitchy @ 11 days!

PortAndLemon Mon 01-Sep-08 17:44:21

Five weeks for me both times. Anything up to 8/9 weeks is quite normal IIRC.

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