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Stitches pain or piles?

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nowayback Thu 28-Aug-08 11:20:42

I had my DD 5 weeks ago with lots of stitches as i was cut and had a 3rd degree tear.

Think things have healed well and not been a problem. But the past few days things have got worse again. My bottom feels quite sore and is painful when i rise up from sitting and when i sit down.

Could this mean an infection in my stitches or something else.(like piles-Never had them before)

Have my 6 week check next week so will check then but hope to be able to ease it before then.

Northumberlandlass Thu 28-Aug-08 13:26:03

Hello nowayback. I had a deep episiotimy with my DS and my sitches went back to my bum hole (sorry TMI). As the stiches healed they did become itchy as they healed, although I'm not sure of the timescale involved. Of course I also had piles, which I don't find itchy but are pretty gross. Ask about it at your check up, I'm sure you will be fine - can you ask your DP to look at them, do they look sore ? (you may of course be repulsed at the idea of DP looking at them)


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