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Syntocinon Drip - advice please

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HeathersMummy Tue 26-Aug-08 19:48:48

I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant with DC2. DC1s birth was very medical, syntocinon drip, epidural and forceps delivery - although totally pain free. I was happy to just go with the flow as far as labour and delivery were concerned, so was happy with a healthy baby at the end of it.
This time around, I have been diagnosed with a very large fibroid on the outside (at the top) of my uterus. Consultant has said that they will let me go into labour and deliver naturally, but I have to be put on a syntocinon drip for 4 hours post delivery. I was really hoping to try without the epidural this time round, but have no idea what the drip feels like without pain relief (particularly when the end goal isn't a baby smile). Is this do-able? Does anyone have experience of the drip with no pain relief?

TheOldestCat Tue 26-Aug-08 20:20:40

congratulations on your pregnancy.

Not really the same, but I had the syntocinon drip during DD's birth as my contractions stopped when I was fully dilated. I hardly noticed it apart from the slight discomfort when they inserted it; I was very high on gas&air though!

So, not sure if you can 'feel' the drip - I just loved it because it started the contractions up again within minutes (although I couldn't feel them - RESULT! - so had to be strapped to the machine and the roomful of docs, midwives, DH had to shout PUSH everytime the machine showed a contraction).

Hope this bumps your message so someone with more experience can come along and help. Good luck with the birth.

TheFallenMadonna Tue 26-Aug-08 20:23:51

I think I had this after dd was born. If it is what I had, it was OK. My after pains were worse than with ds, but manageable with the odd painkiller.

BetsyBoop Tue 26-Aug-08 20:26:43

I had 8hrs of synto with my first DC (ended in an em c/s for distress) - I was coping fine with just my TENS, yes it hurt but I was coping. (I only realised just how much it was hurting when they took TENS off to prepare me for the c/s hmm)

Obviously I didn't have a full labour, so I've no idea how bad it could have got, but the m/w said the contractions were pretty strong (and kept offering me other pain relief every 5mins...)

Evelynsmum Tue 26-Aug-08 20:33:40

I had Synotocin at the end of my labour and no epidural. Was just pleased to have some much needed help. I'm sure you'll ne OK on G & A.

HeathersMummy Tue 26-Aug-08 20:39:53

Thanks all. Would love to do the gas and air thing, but it makes me sick sad.
Hopefully I'll get by on painkillers for the 4 hours post delivery.

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