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40+1 babies head 3/5 engaged and facing upwards......

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OFSTEDoutstanding Tue 26-Aug-08 11:10:26

What can I do to turn her before I go into labour? And if she is still face up when I go into labour exactly how do they try to turn her? Has anyone got any tips that doesn't involve sex for bringing on labour...I feel about as sexy as a walrus at the mo and the idea of having to have sex is a real turn off! Have tried curry, running up and down stairs, warm baths, and even played rounders on the beach this weekend and still nothing! Had contractions Friday night coming every 10 mins but then they stopped!

ajm200 Tue 26-Aug-08 11:16:33

Check out the methods on

She'll probably sort herself out in early labour. We suspect that my son has his head in a odd position during labour as he came out with a grazed chin and nose and stork marks on the back of his neck despite a natural birth, I was only in active labour of about 5 hrs so he didn't slow things down much. They just took 5 days to induce the labour in the first place. He was fairly comfy in there.

You could try a massaging clary sage oil into your bump at night (you can get it from boots but must dilute it in a carrier oil). Reflexology can help too as there are pressure points relating to your womb. Even if it doesn't work to get labour going, the foot rub is very relaxing.

Good luck

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