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post-natal care after homebirth

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feb Mon 25-Aug-08 14:24:46

am trying to decide whether to have a HB this time or not.
DS born in hospital (lovely waterbirth) and the postnatal support i got at my local MLU was fantastic and very much needed as he was rubbish at breastfeeding.
am wondering what kind of help i can expect at home if i'm having similar breastfeeding problems this time?
i know there is no reason this one is should be the same as DS1, but just wondering what your experiences were?

scorpio1 Mon 25-Aug-08 14:26:50

I had a HB, and was a first time BFer (3rd time mum)

The mws on one day(day 2) came out 3 times to help me! I found my postnatal care here brilliant, as always.

cheesychips Mon 25-Aug-08 14:55:51

I hired independent midwives so had fabulous, but expensive, care!

lindenlass Wed 27-Aug-08 09:41:43

Depends on your local area, I'm afraid. But breastfeeding is likely to be a bit easier after a homebirth anyway. Just make sure you spend plenty of time cuddled up skin-to-skin with your baby and let him/her doze and nuzzle and feed as and when and how he/she wants - you and baby will learn much faster how to breastfeed that way.

heroicsavage Wed 27-Aug-08 13:07:53

I had a home water birth. It was my first birth and I really didn't want to be going into hospital. I had to have two midwives and they were fantastic they came out the morning after he was born and came to see me several times a day for the first ten days. They made sure I knew what I was doing as far as bf went almost as soon as he was born and checked with me about it every time they visited.
I totally recommend it and would not have wanted t do it any other way despite my screaming for an epidural after my first contraction!

feb Wed 27-Aug-08 14:48:30

i'm glad there have been some good experiences. in fact i hear very few negative stories about HB...

Lovage Wed 27-Aug-08 22:02:54

I had a 'failed' homebirth, which entailed being in hospital for all of 2 hours after DS was born, so effectively like a homebirth for postnatal support. We had huge difficulty getting bfing going - took a week, but had daily visits from MW or maternity care assistant for all of that first week. Once he had finally latched on, they tried to discharge us as 'fine' when I was still extremely anxious and shakey, but thankfully the MCA came anyway despite being told not to, and I got the NCT bfing counsellor in a few times.

Maybe we'd have got the hang of it quicker if we'd stayed in hospital, but I'd have hated it so much I don't think it would have helped.

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