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melzie Sun 24-Aug-08 12:13:57

Hi Im 31 weeks with my second baby. I hope to have a VBAC but am getting no support from my hospital. I have looked up my rights and I know I can refuse anything that I dont feel is needed but I dont want to put me or my baby at any risk. Im a trained Doula so have been around the block, as they say but just wondered if there were any mums who have had a VBAC lately and how did you get on? (hmm)

FAQ Sun 24-Aug-08 12:16:16

not very "lately" - as DS3 is 15 months old today, and DS2 is nearly 5yrs - but both of them were VBAC's. DS2 wasn't so great - I didn't really know my "rights" so was monitored continuously etc

DS3's was fabulous told them as soon as I got in what I "wasn't" going to have and they were fine about it

lulumama Sun 24-Aug-08 12:19:57

my VBAC is 3 years ago now, but the memory of it is still as fresh !

i had CFM, but was still made to get off the bed, stop using gas & air and move with the ctx. I did not have a cannula, and there was no pressure or hysteria when it was apparent my labour was normal, but slow, due to OP baby. however, MW had said i was 'one of those women who does not dilate' and DH spoke to her very firmly about encouraging a VBAC

i would recommend a doula grin and / or supportive DH!

there is no evidence CFM has a bearing on outcome IIRC. and in fact can lead to more intervention

best chance of VBAC is spontanoues start to labour and mobility !

what have your hospital told you in terms of what you are 'allowed' or will 'have to have'

BTW my VBAC baby inspired me to become a doula.

vbacqueen1 Sun 24-Aug-08 13:05:42

Hi Melzie

I remember that feeling very well. I changed my consultant 3 times and the hospital twice in an attempt to gain some support (it just didn't sink in that I didn't actually NEED a consultant and could insist on MW care only until I was nearly 37 weeks) - what finally helped to get me the support I needed was to sit down with the SOM and go through my birth plan with her. I made it clear what I was and wasn't prepared to go along with and I made a point of insisting that any MW who looked after me had to be supportive of VBAC. I DID eventually stumble across a fabulous consultant but I realise now that I could have done it without her too.
Definitely find yourself a doula who understands VBAC and definitely make an appointment to see your SOM to prepare the ground before you turn up in labour.
If you STILL meet resistance from the hospital, get in touch with AIMS and they'll help you out.
If someone like me can get great care for a VBA3C in an NHS hospital, anyone can.
And my VBAC baby inspired me to become a doula too wink
Good luck.

melzie Sun 24-Aug-08 13:11:13

Thanks for the replies guys. The hospital has said constant monitoring and obviously I dont want to be tied to a bed so I will refuse it and suggest a handheld fetal monitor. I am planning on staying at home for as long as I can to prevent too much medical intervention. If it wasn't so expensive I would have had an independent midwife and stayed at home. My only concern is I know they are going to give me constant time limits and this may slow my progression because I wont be able to relax and let my body do its job! With my training I am confident but knowing that from the moment I go to hospital I will be having to battle for what I want and thats the last thing you want to be doing when you are in the middle of labour.

PortAndLemon Sun 24-Aug-08 13:14:50

Mine was nearly five months ago. Story is here.

melzie Sun 24-Aug-08 13:31:22

Hi PortAndLemon
Your birth story has given me hope. I keep thinking that Im going to get doctors coming in telling me I must do this and that but in your case you were left to get on with it! If mine goes like yours I will be a happy bunny!
I have been coaching my DH to be my voice if Im unable to speak so that nothing is taken for granted.
I have also found out the baby is breech at the mo so Im trying to get it to turn otherwise it will be CS for sure!

MrsMattie Sun 24-Aug-08 17:01:54

What are our rights if we want to go for a VBAC and want to be ablet o refuse certain things? I'm not clear about it at all, but would like to be! I'm 26 weeks pregnant and want to attempt a VBAC. Hospital are supportive in theory but have said I will 'have to have' CFM and cannot use the birth centre / pool etc. I'm also worried about lack of mobility and time limits being imposed on each stage of labour. I'm seeing a consultant in a fortnight's time and would be good to be armed with the facts about my rights.

MrsMattie Sun 24-Aug-08 17:04:19

p.s. PortandLemon, that is a lovely birth story smile

morocco Sun 24-Aug-08 22:22:30

you don't 'have to have' cfm
[cross] on your behalf that this is how it is being put to you
using the birth centre/pool is a bit harder cos those are things they can deny you access to iyswim. but you will find the expression 'oh, well if I can't, I suppose I could always have a home birth instead' will stand you in good stead when it comes to getting your own way grin

melzie Mon 25-Aug-08 18:14:47

Hi MrsMattie I have checked out and it was very helpful. You are allowed to refuse anything but might have to sign a form so they are not held liable. Your consultant may go on about the risk of scar rupture but the odds are very low (1 in 200). This % is lower than the chance of any women in labour having a prolapsed cord but they dont go on about that during every labour! Your best chances are to be as active in labour as possible so cfm would not be great. I am going to recommend a regular check with the handheld fm for me. I think it will all depend on who your mw is on the day and how well your labour progresses thats why I intend to stay at home as long as it feels right. Good luck with your labour, I will post mine on here so check it out. Im due on the 28th Oct. :-)

Klaw Sun 07-Sep-08 23:53:20

Ask your HCPs to check out this

The cons there didn't bat an eyelid when my lady stated her intention to WBA2C. He just signed her off with a smile.

PS, my VBAC baby inspired me to become a doula too! <<waves to Lulu and VBACQueen1>>

hedgepig Mon 08-Sep-08 12:45:27

hi I am now 36weeks and so getting very close to my VBAC time. I had a meeting with registrar (who double checked with the consultant) at 32 weeks when I explained I didn't want the CFM and I wanted to use the pool and they said I need to talk to the consultant mw about it. They certainly didn't say no, I think they seem hands off unless there is a problem. I have the meeting with the consultant mw next week I'm just hoping I don't go into labour before I have seen her, becaues I really want to go in with things agreed. From reading all the VBAc threads on mumsnet it seems very hospital dependent on what you are "allowed" to do.

mrsfossil Tue 09-Sep-08 11:23:54

Hi i'm only 9 weeks but when booking in with mw she told me that because of my last emergency section that i would get a trial of labour. They would not induce if i went over.
Not sure how long they would let me labour though but last time it went from slow labour to v.scary rush to theatre and a general anistetic as ds was in distress. I would like a vg birth but i really don't want an emergency again as long as baby is out healthy i really don't mind how as we've been ttc for 4 years and then had fertility treatment. I actually don't really care about the whole birth experience i just can't wait to hold my baby.

hweb Fri 19-Sep-08 12:45:57

Hi everyone. I'm 28 weeks with boy no.2, hoping for WVBAC in hospital but my midwife is very dismissive and I have subsequently discovered that she is anti-WB. My GP is really supportive, but in trying to change midwives and hospital not getting a great deal of support from the latter who actually told me that it isn't my decision to have a WB (surely that can't be right) and it was entirely up to the consultant. Of course I want to ensure my baby is OK but I would have thought that I would notice if my scar was rupturing, even in the middle of labour. Anyone got any thoughts or experience? At the moment, I'm wondering if I should threaten a home birth and see if that gets me my own way..........

vbacqueen1 Sat 20-Sep-08 12:17:20

Hi hweb
Unfortunately, the only way to guarantee having a WB is to have it at home. Ridiculous I know, but this is the one area that they do have the last say in in hospital. Everything else is your choice but even if they agreed to let you use the pool, it's amazing how that decision can change once you turn up in labour (already being used/not working/just plain changed their minds........)
If having a WB is really important to you, look into having it at home. Weigh up the pros and cons, find out what your community MWs think about HBAC, maybe have a look into hiring an IM, and THEN make your decision based on what you know.

lulumama Sat 20-Sep-08 12:34:32

agree with VBACqueen. again !

also, you might want to contact it is your body and your labour and you cannot be told point blank you are 'not allowed' to labour a certain way.

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