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Booking a birth Doula - how far in advance and how big a deposit?

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Tapster Fri 22-Aug-08 09:19:54

I'm thinking about having a VBAC and would only have one with a birth doula. However, I may be recommended an elective C-section at a later stage following growth scans at 34+ weeks. I don't want to leave finding a doula until the last minute but I am thinking what sort of deposit will I need to put down which I may risk losing.

amazonianadventure Fri 22-Aug-08 10:36:16


Id have a look around now many doulas get booked up far in advance, as for deposits it really depends on the doula and whether they are a trainee or not,as if there not they may be charging up to £500 and therefor looking for a larger deposit.

Remember doula uk has a hardship fundi if your on a low income or benefits

Doulas are listed on,to see if there are any in your area

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