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Anyone used the London Midwifery Practice?

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Kiwifruit Wed 16-Feb-05 22:23:12


Has anyone used the London Midwifery Practice? Would you recommend them, and how much were their fees? Found their website and it sounded quite down to earth, and the woman I spoke to sounded very nice (and asked me all the questions my doctor didn't, like 'how are you feeling?'!).

Am from NZ and was a bit worried when I found out that you wouldn't necessarily have a midwife who you knew with you when you give birth (over there you get the same midwife for ante natal, birth and post natal), so thought I would look into private options, but not sure if they will fit into our budget!

Any information gratefully received, and if anyone has any other midwife recommendations for West London, I'd appreciate it!


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