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Early induction for health reasons but would be VBAC or elective section

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bojangles Thu 21-Aug-08 15:38:23

I am 20 wks pg with no 3 and am insulin dependant diabetes. I was induced at 36 wks with DD because of pre eclampsia and had a pretty traumatic birth resulting in forceps, a pph, blood transfusion and a lengthy stay on HDU.

DS was born at 37 wks as I had pre eclapsmia again and was due to be induced when they realsied he was in distress and I had an emergency c/s.

It was easier to recover from the C/s with DS than the 'natural' birth with DD.

This pregnancy I have been presuming that another C/s would be the best delivery method based on previous experiences. My consultant will want to deliver me by 39 weeks because of the diabetes but with my track record I am ready for anything from 36 weeks. So it is unlikely that my labour will start naturally and therefore the decision, if there is one, is whetehr to try induced VBAC or to go straight for the C/s. I know different hospitals and consultants have differing practices on teh use of teh prostglandin(sp?) gel so I guess I will have to find this out before making any choices.

Does any one have any views, comments or their birth stroes they would like to share to help me decide what would be best.

bojangles Thu 21-Aug-08 15:39:35

too many typos to correct - sorry, should proof read!

hoxtonchick Thu 21-Aug-08 15:42:01

i have diabetes too & have had 2 induced births. the 2nd was much better than the 1st... i don't think you can be induced with the gel if you've had a c-section before, & they also won't let you labour very long (both of these are in case of scar rupture). have you had any signs of pre-ec this time (i don't know that stats on whether it's more likely as your 2 previous pregnancies have been affected). an elective section would be a very different experience to an emergency. in your position i think i'd go for an elective c-section. hth & good luck making the decision.

BetsyBoop Thu 21-Aug-08 17:50:33

at my hospital they would give one shot of gel only & no drip if you are a VBAC - if the gel doesn't work then it's c/s - but I know this does differ from consultant to consultant.

I'd decided against induction for my VBAC attempt as there is a much greater risk of rupture & the consultant wasn't happy for me to labour without CFM in an induction situation (did manage to get him to agree that for VBAC).

I had a horrid feeling that I'd end up in the same situation as first time round - I was induced after waters broke, CFM, baby distressed, labour going nowhere, em c/s.

I did waiver at 40+9 & considered induction again as I was desperate for VBAC (el booked for 40+10) but when they checked my cervix it had done nothing so the honest opinion 1 shot of gel would do nothing, so el c/s it was.

I guess if you want VBAC & you're okay to accept the increased (but still small overall) risk of rupture then I guess they could examine your cervix to see if they think one shot of gel stands a chance of doing the trick, and if not then go for c/s?

ilovemydog Thu 21-Aug-08 17:54:31

The midwife in the delivery suite said that the pessaries/drip is contingent on whether they can break your waters - i.e. if the cervix is ready etc.

with DS, they broke waters, went onto a drip and he was born 8 hours later....

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