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Stretching pains, Braxton Hicks or the real thing?? Sorry if TMI

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OFSTEDoutstanding Thu 21-Aug-08 14:54:36

Hi I am currently 39+3 and have this past week been getting pains and tightenings across my stomach especially at night and later in the evening then by morning all seems to be back to normal. I haven't had a show as such but I have had a lot more discharge than at other times in this pregnancy, also I have had mild dihorea and constant back pain as well as the need to wee alot and I now have a spotless house as I can't stop cleaning!
Could this be seen as a sign that I am in labour or that labour is imminent? What could the reason be as to why I keep getting pains in the middle of the night could it be that my bump has gone one sided and and is stretching muscles? Also if my waters have broken but are just leaking a bit would that make me want to wee loads and could it harm the baby if they have leaked and I haven't noticed? Anyone with any experience of the same as me would be greatly appreciated TIA

OFSTEDoutstanding Thu 21-Aug-08 18:05:27

Am bumping this in the hope someone on this evening might have experienced similar TIA

Leenie Thu 21-Aug-08 18:30:05

Hi ofstedoutstanding, i am 38 wks and experiencing the same as you, have been getting pains low down and to the right, tightenings seem to start from afternoon onwards and get worse if i don't lie down, have lots of white milky discharge, i went to the triage unit at the birth'g ctre last week as was worried waters were leaking, they werent, my wee was !!hmm . basically baby is so low theres loads of pressure on my bladder, M/W said head was 3/5th engaged baby's shoulder was prob pressing on me too, it's been going on for nearly 2 weeks now and i had reaaly hoped that it meant i was going into labour sadly i am still here in pain and waiting, i had my M/W appt yesterday and head is practically fully engaged, M/W also said she couldnt believe i still hadnt given birth , if you have a birthing ball use it when you can, that really helps with back and tummy aches, checked out, hope it helps to know your not alone..x

OFSTEDoutstanding Thu 21-Aug-08 18:40:19

Definitely helps thanks Leenie I was also 3/5 engaged at my 38 week appointment so hopefully it is just the same as you and now fully engaged and ready to go! Didn't feel any of this with ds which is why I was a bit worried last time. Once again have been fine all day and now starting to feel the pains again who knows maybe tonights the night! Good luck with your birth hope all goes well and you don't have to wait much longer x

Leenie Thu 21-Aug-08 19:41:43

sorry to go off the subject a bit, but just thought i'd ask, has your m/w given you any idea bout the size of ur baby ? i asked mine yesterday, and she said it certainly isn't going to be a shrinking voilet !! [shock} and asked what my other 2 children weighed, my 2nd was heaviest at 7lb 8oz, her birth was alot harder than 1st at 6lb 15oz, she said i'm prob looking at over 8lb with this one, i am now so much more scared,

OFSTEDoutstanding Thu 21-Aug-08 19:46:03

My ds was 5lb 15 and the labour took 3 days so when my mw had a feel of my bump and has guesstimated between 7 and 8 lb I am now also panicing. Am hoping as I was a couple weeks early with ds and on time with this one my body might get it delivered quicker!

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