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Where are the reflexology points on the body which can help induce labour..!

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laa Wed 16-Feb-05 14:11:33

Can anyone tell me. £rd baby, 3rd time overdue and I'm desperate to give birth NOW!!! Any suggestions - tried sex, walking (lots), running aroound after DS aged 3.5 and DD aged 22 mos, raspberry leaf tea, nipples too sore to touch, rubbing jasmine oil into abdomen (diluted of course)..pretty much everything I can think of. What else could I do? Wondering if reflexology could help. Can't afford to go and see one at the mo. but could anyone tell me where to press. Got a sweep next Mon. and keen to avoid both that and induction - both frankly too painful, although at the mo. I will positively look forward to and embrace the pain of labour because I can't even dress the kids without keeling over! Please help!!

Blondeinlondon Wed 16-Feb-05 16:06:10

Inside your heel - where the dip is - rub in a circular motion

Good luck

stardust Wed 16-Feb-05 16:10:12

how overdue are you? i am 5 days with 2nd...everyone said it woudl be early and i am REALLY pissed off.
was only 2 days over last time, and frankly every day counts...
have gone down the cleaning floors route as sex is about as attractive a proposition as a sweep (mines this friday - is it really painful?)
hope you get there soon

laa Wed 16-Feb-05 16:49:18

Only one day - but one too far! Honestly thought this one would be early. first time I've had a show and that was 3WEEKS AGO..!! Just had a 2 hr walk, but tricky cos keep needing the loo and it was very rural! Sex isn't particularly appealing at the moment for me either! Prob. not for DH too because I'm sure I look like a beached whale.I don't know about other people but my last sweep did hurt, but if it triggers labour then who cares! BlondeinLondon thanks for the advice - I'll give it a go.

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 16-Feb-05 16:50:49

Your big toes where the arch is on the print. Press very hard and keep repeating!

It worked for me!

Blondeinlondon Wed 16-Feb-05 16:54:22

laa - I hope it works for you
I've had 2 sessions to no avail - this baby is just not ready to come out yet - I'm 12 days overdue and had a horrific sweep yesterday
Going to the hospital to discuss induction tomorrow

laa Wed 16-Feb-05 16:56:19

sorry to hear about your sweep - you poor thing. Best of luck with tom. My 1st baby was induced and although it wasn't what I had wanted I was just relieved to give birth.

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 16-Feb-05 16:58:12

If you rub hard on the arched bit on the inside of your foot as well.

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