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Arnica 200

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ecco Tue 19-Aug-08 17:29:42

I have been advised to take Arnica 200, after giving birth. There is no dosage instructions. Can anyone recommend the correct dosage that should be taken please?

misi Tue 19-Aug-08 23:20:11

trouble is, anyone on here qualified to give you a correct dosage would be unable to do so by law !!

I am not a homeopath but I am a believer in arnica. my ex made her own arnica pills after the particularly nasty birth of my son. I thought she had died at one point and my shoes, trousers and hands were covered in her blood. she had 57 internal and 28 external stitches the midwife said. she made herself some 1m strength pills and some 3k strength ones for me.

if in doubt there are some good homeopaths out there

and if you are any where near west london, my exs friend lives there and is one of the top homeopaths in the country who specialises in conception, pregnancy and after birth and would heartliy recommend her even though she lied for my ex against me in court!!

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