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When would an elective c-section for breech twins be performed?

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beansprout Tue 19-Aug-08 14:57:59

At how many weeks? smile

hockeypuck Tue 19-Aug-08 15:04:10

Probably not until 38 weeks unless there were signs that it was time to do it before then. Lately the trend has been todo electives for one baby at 39 weeks instead of 38, and for multiples at 38 weeks instead of 37.

Each hospital/obstetrician different though.

Notanexcitingname Tue 19-Aug-08 16:39:45

Differnet for twins, though hockeypuck. Twins are considered full term at 37 or 38 weeks, but the hinest answer to the OP is that I'm not sure. I am sure it won't be 39 weeks, though

bellabelly Tue 19-Aug-08 17:38:11

Mine was done at 38 weeks.

kitstwins Wed 20-Aug-08 11:01:56

Usually around 38 weeks, unless your consultant/obs considers earlier medically preferable. At 38 weeks twins are considered 'term' and I think any later you might run the risk of going into labour spontaneously, which would necessitate an emergency (i.e. that day) c-section, which they prefer to avoid if they can.

If you're not too far along, it might be possible that your twins will turn, but given the space restrictions with two fighting for room, it's less likely.


hattyyellow Wed 20-Aug-08 11:09:25

Mine was done at 38+2.

The consultant originally was pushing for me going to full term but I'd had enough by 38 weeks. My blood pressure was also starting to creep up, platelet levels starting to drop etc so I think my body had had enough too!

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