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When Can You Exercise After Birth

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Mosschops30 Tue 15-Feb-05 19:35:02

Message withdrawn

mckenzie Tue 15-Feb-05 19:44:13

Personally I think wait until after your 6 week check and then you are the best judge as to when it's right for you. I know people who were back running within 2 weeks and don't seemed to have suffered for it but other friends who have also been very active pre-birth just felt 'wrong' and waited until nearer 12 weeks.

beansontoast Tue 15-Feb-05 19:47:46

id trust a physio.
personally id take things fairly some stretches at home etc..walking blah blah.i was surprised at how weak i was.

its a marathon not a sprint!

look after yourself and big congrats on the baby.

Mosschops30 Tue 15-Feb-05 19:54:55

Message withdrawn

morningpaper Tue 15-Feb-05 19:56:50

Mosschops: my stomach took AGES to go down but did so without any effort on my part! I was a jelly for several months though.

irishbird Tue 15-Feb-05 19:59:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Tue 15-Feb-05 19:59:41

I thought once you had your 6 week check and was given the okay by the doctor.

Mosschops30 Tue 15-Feb-05 20:24:21

Message withdrawn

irishbird Tue 15-Feb-05 20:26:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kama Tue 15-Feb-05 20:37:33

Message withdrawn

Fennel Tue 15-Feb-05 20:53:04

the 6 week check doesn't actually involve any serious checking of your body. so if you already feel fit before it I can't see it would make any difference to wait til a gp has gone through the motions.

I exercised quite a bit from about a month. was hampered mainly by large sore breasts more than anything else - it was not comfortable running or jumping for a while.

Chuffed Wed 16-Feb-05 19:51:43

I had a c/s but was back doing spinning at the gym at 4wks. I did take it a little easier than normal but still wanted to burn those extra calories.

biglips Wed 16-Feb-05 20:01:54

once you go to gym, you will be given "postnatal exercises" meaning gentle exercises and build up from there

biglips Wed 16-Feb-05 20:03:23

kama - its true to listen to your body or otherwise you'll be knackered to look after baba too.

Mum2Ela Wed 16-Feb-05 20:16:46

Personally this time round I went back to circuit traning classes after 3 weeks. Had a normal delivery, home the same day and felt fine. Laid off ab exercises for a few more weeks, however.

First time round, however, was a bit of a shock to the system (having a baby in the house I mean, not the birth, again normal easy delivery), and felt soooo tired, but I remember I was back in the gym after about 6 weeks.

First time round they kept changing the time and date of my post natel check so I didn't bother going. This time I went to post natel check but wish I hadn't bothered as it was imo a waste of time.

I'd say jst do what you can, so long as you feel ok, but p'haps your physio is advising 3 mths beacuse of ypur spd?

Fennel Wed 16-Feb-05 20:25:22

yes I think it might be different if you had spd.

I went to circuit training from a month after dd3's birth, and even signed a form to say I'd had my 6 month check and I pretended the baby was older than she was . but I always feel so much better for a bit of exercise.

LGJ Wed 16-Feb-05 20:26:43

SPD ???

Mosschops30 Wed 16-Feb-05 23:16:11

Message withdrawn

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