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Argh Help Please! Have to choose another hospital - Heatherwood, Wexham, Royals Berks or Chertsey...

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KnockOffNorbert Fri 15-Aug-08 09:35:10

Tried to book my sweep and although Frimley was 'my' hospital they won't accept anyone else as they are full, so had to book into Heatherwood (as they do self referals) but I am not sure I want to have baby there as it's only MW led, and you get ambulanced to Wexham if there is a problem. What are everyones experiences of any of the above? Is Heatherwood so good that it's worth the risk? Wexham so bad that it's not worth the risk wink. I have no idea about St. Peters (Chertsey), if it's MW led or not even, or how good the maternity unit at Reading is... please help if you can, I have about 3 hours to choose.

Although, if I go into spontanious labour I was going to chance going to Frimley (I was never told before trying to book a sweep not to go there) - do you think they would turn me away? Heatherwood said they were turning people away, but I am not sure if that's for sweeps/inductions/CSs (out of 'area' people) rather than turning up in labour...


twinklytoes Fri 15-Aug-08 13:45:43

have you made your decision. I know st peters and RBH. st peters only for general medical etc though - my nan detests going there but other family members have nothing but praise for them.

RBH - well me and my sister were born there and we're ok. several friends have delivered there over the last few years. they've never said anything negative about the experience. all have left hosp within 24hrs though and have had various levels of intervention.

TBH think I'd go for the better journey / distance as they are so wide spread.

I think that if I were in your situation and went into spontanious labour I'd head to frimley park and let them transfer me if need be.

good luck.

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